ClassDojo Changes The Relationship Between Parent Teacher and Students

Sam Chaudhary earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics from the University of Cambridge and Liam Don was doing research at the University of Durham. When they met in 2007 they became fast friends. They both had decided that because of their practical teaching experience they wanted to create and launch an education tech start-up
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Talk Fusion Success

Talk Fusion is a video communication service that has transformed the lives of many in the recent times. The company was founded several years ago by Bob Reina. The application has been very successful and it is currently considered the number one video application in many nations. During a recent study, the application was found
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Who is Shaygan Kheradpir?

Shaygan has a twenty-eight years’ experience in telecom industry and financial services industries. He is a great leader and mentor to many. He has in the past worked as CEO of Juniper Networks, worked in Barclays PLC and before that he was an executive at the Verizon and GTE. He has been impactful in
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Clay Siegall Announces Seattle Genetics’ Second Quarter Financial Results for 2016

Seattle Genetics officially announced its financial results for the Second Quarter of 2016 through a conference call on July 26, 2016. Peggy Pinkston, who is the Investor Relations and Executive Director, welcomed all the people who had attended the conference and mentioned the names of Seattle Genetics’ top executives who were present. Participants were allowed to ask questions immediately after the top executives made their remarks and at the end of the conference call. Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript Dr. Siegall said that he was happy with the progress the company had made in transforming ADCETRIS into a chief franchise and diversification of product and services. He noted that Seattle Genetics was on its way to achieving its goal of becoming an international multi-product oncology firm. According to Siegall, ADCETRIS had achieved record net sales in 2016 (second quarter). The SGN-CD33A has five clinical trials that are still in progress. He stated that the company had discovered promising antitumor activity in most of the ADCs. An overview on Seattle Genetics Seattle Genetics is a renowned biotechnology firm that focuses on developing advanced antibody-based therapies for cancer treatment and commercializes them. The firm has an industrial expertise of developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), an innovative technology developed to speed up the delivery of cell-killing cells to the cancer cells by modifying monoclonal antibodies. ADCs are developed to protect the non-targeted cell and therefore reduce the toxic effects associated with traditional chemotherapy while promoting antitumor activity. Seattle Genetics is on the verge of developing new products to address the unmet medical needs. Dr. Clay Siegall Seattle Genetics was co-founded in 1998 by Dr. Clay Siegall. Today, he is the CEO, Board chairperson, and CEO of the company. Under his able leadership, the company has developed a series of innovative antibody-based therapies for managing and treating cancer. ADCETRIS is one of the products that were developed by Seattle Genetics. The FDA approved it in 2011. Dr. Siegall has been in charge of capital raising activities, and he has managed to secure over $645 million through private and public financings. He received a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is an alumnus of esteemed George Washington University holding a Ph.D. in Genetics. More about Clay: