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Where Bernardo Chua Has Been Successful

Coffee is a commodity that continues to be in high demand and has been demanded for hundreds of years. Coffee is popular to customers for not only the bitter taste that is welcomed in the morning, but is also popular for the caffeine that is provided to the customers for those early mornings or for those dragging afternoons.

The coffee business is a competitive business that continues to be pursued by companies that look for a niche of their own in order to sell a new way to drink coffee.

In recent news, a new way to drink coffee has been for the purpose of combining health with the delicious caffeine that is welcomed in the morning.

With this new and popularized way to drink coffee, one company in particular has become an exponentially growing company through the selling of these new products that have been becoming popular among millions of consumers that share a love for coffee.

Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold in a small coffee shop in Canada that has since then grown to become one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in the world.

With a love for coffee, Bernardo has not only grown his company, but has also given new job opportunities to millions of individuals around the world who are either looking for an extra income or who are looking to become their own boss.

Bernardo Chua has the long-term goal of using his products to help educate individuals around the world about the importance of living a healthy life.

The secret to the success of Bernardo Chua and to Organo Gold is the use of a special ingredient that is known as Ganoderma, a Chinese herb that has never before been used for an international product. Bernardo Chua has centered his entire company around Ganoderma and has built coffee, tea, hot chocolate, as well as other commodities around the special herb.

With special properties, Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to not only encourage weight loss, but to also help reduce stress on the body as well as the mind which has led to millions of individuals living happy and focused lives.

Doe Deere Believes In True Beauty With Benefits

Doe Deere is the pastel haired founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime is a very unique makeup company that features bold and dazzling colors that match the founder’s personality. Doe Deere believes that true beauty should have benefits. The benefits should not include hiding your true self under makeup, but expressing your true self with makeup. Fortunately, Lime Crime provides a way for her little unicorns to really show their creativity and personality. The Russian born Doe Deere actually enjoys sharing her thoughts on success and achieving dreams. She would like to encourage young women to find that awesome talent within themselves and go for their dream.

Awesome Gifts
Doe Deere believes that every person on the planet has one thing in common. They were born with a very special gift that will bring them true success. For some, the talent is hidden. It just means that they must really search deep within themselves for that unique quality that they can bring to the world. She relates to other ambitious young women that once you find that quality, you are on your way to success. Doe Deere relates that this is the philosophy that propelled Lime Crime into the spotlight. Lime Crime is a very unique and bold makeup line that believes in exploring your creativity and individualism.

Lime Crime Is Unique
Doe Deere agrees that her makeup company is different. It breaks the mold concerning makeup and the way that an individual should look or wear makeup. Deere believes that Lime Crime gives her little unicorn followers the ability to express their creativity in a very magical way. People wear unique clothes to express themselves. People wear certain hairstyles to express their personality. Therefore, expressing personality and creativity through makeup goes hand in hand. At one time, Deere was upset because all makeup lines were the same. Lime Crime is a makeup line that has made a big difference in the beauty industry.

Lime Crime’s Future Goals
Doe Deere plans to continue creating makeup for boys and girls that have a unique philosophy about makeup, like her. Lime Crime is totally unapologetic in its attitude about wearing makeup. Lime Crime gives the wearer the opportunity to be themselves. In addition, Deere plans to continue working closely with her chemist and creating more unique products for her beauty line. She always test the products personally before releasing them to the public. Therefore, only high quality products are sold by Lime Crime.

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Keith and Keenly Mann Unveil a School Scholarship in New York City

Keith Mann, the chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners, has announced an award that will uphold the next generation of innovative business leaders. The award will be known as Keith and Keenly Mann scholarship for professional achievement. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit management association that is based in the New York City. Keith and Keenly Mann are excited to partner with the non-profit management association. The collaboration will make it possible for the school to put-into-place this scholarship opportunity that will be available to one senior graduating annually at one of the high schools.


Joe Frick, a college counselor at Uncommon Charter high school, said that the school is glad that Keith and Keenly Mann have implemented the generous scholarship program. Joe explained that the award will make sure that one of their students makes it to college and that the student can go through the four years in college.


Students will be required to apply for the scholarship. In the application, students will be needed to write a 1000-word essay on how getting a college degree will be of help to them in attaining their professional objectives. Keith Mann said that the scholarship opportunity would support the goal of Uncommon Schools of preparing low-income students to attend and graduate from college so that they succeed professionally by the help of their degree. Keith said that the scholarship would provide a backup for this mission. The scholarship is open to seniors graduating from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. Students can apply for the scholarship on February 29, 2016. The winner will be announced by the end of March 2016 and will get $5,000 scholarship to use towards their college tuition.


About Keith Mann

Keith is an advocate for education, and he has a commitment towards identifying strong leaders and investing in them to cultivate success. Keith launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 within Dynamics Executive Search. Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. He is the chief executive officer, and he manages the firm. Dynamics Search Partners collaborates with alternative investment industry’s companies across Asia, United States, and Europe. The firm fills more than 200 client mandates annually.

David Osio Awards Generous Grants to both Domestic and International Charities

David Osio is a financial counsel expert with more than twenty years of experience in developing business solutions. He received an honors bachelor’s degree in law from the Caracas-based Catholic University Andres Bello. His first law job was at MGO where he served as a legal advisor to high-ranking firms such as the Consolidated Bank and Ferro. In 2010, Osio attended the renowned New York Institute of Finance and completed a management investment portfolios course.

Osio’s role as the CEO of Davos Financial Group

Osio founded Davos Financial Group with an objective of tapping both local and international markets. As the CEO, he has fostered a rise in the company’s profits and international recognition. To be precise, the company currently has branches in Panama City, Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, and New York. Osio continues to empower the local communities in every city where his company is based. In addition, Davos Financial Group strives to achieve corporate responsibility when delivering financial solutions to its clients. Davos’ success can be attributed to the knowledge that Osio acquired from both the American Banking Association and the Swiss Bank Corporation


David Osio stands out as an executive because of his love for charity. His charity work revolves around art, music, the society, and medical research. For instance, Osio served as a Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) board member and supported the institution financially. As an art enthusiast, he funds the Saludarte Foundation of Art. As the chief executive officer for Davos Financial Group, he ensures that nonprofit institutions such as MISO are financially stable.

David Osio believes that institutions such as MISO have an obligation of taping and developing local talents. Osio is also renowned for sponsoring the EPK events organized by The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation yearly. He is passionate about medical research focusing on the health of children. He hopes that in future, other successful businesspersons will unite and support the society through charity work. He has also donated to the Fundana Foundation, the Wayuu Taya Foundation, and the UMA Foundation.


The Davos Financial Group and Osio’s financial and philanthropic contributions have been praised on several occasions. For example, in 2014, the Davos Group won the Miami Award for creating diverse economic opportunities to Miami residents. The company also won New Europe’s Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider award and the 2009 Movers and Shakers award. Osio, on the other hand, received a Medal of Honor for his philanthropic endeavors from the US Congress.

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Some Insights Into What Makes Jim Hunt Of VTA Publications Tick


Jim Hunt has become a well-known self-made and self-driven entrepreneur in the UK, and he’s launched some major money-making enterprises that have changed lives over the course of his career. Recently, Ideamensch sat down with Jim Hunt to find out more about him and the things he does to become successful. According to Hunt, the reason he started VTA Publications, the company he runs is because he wanted to help others manage their own money instead of relying on the big banks to do it. The field that most interests Hunt is biotechnology, as he is fascinated by new medicines that will help change lives. Hunt’s favorite marketing strategy is direct mail, an old-fashioned but effective way he says he can identify his target customer group.


Jim Hunt sends out his information through his YouTube videos, but also publishes a lot of it through his company, VTA Publications. This company has made it a priority to help the little guy make investment choices that the big investors don’t want them to know about, and encourages people to step out on their own and take some risks to become successful. VTA shows people not only how to start up their own business, but how to learn stock trading charts, information about futures and little-known strategy options, and a wealth of information about retirement and what the bible has to say about it.


VTA Publications has contacts who provide information on its blogs about what financial goals should look like, and they have also hosted seminars about financial topics. These seminars have featured a plethora of business experts from around the world, and they are all recorded on computer multimedia to purchase. VTA ships their learning materials, including the seminars to anywhere in the world, and you can order the materials by going to the website, or contacting Jim on Twitter.

Why Town Residential Moved to Meat Packing District

Hudson Yards and on down to TriBeca is a whole world of activity, and Town Residential is now a big part of it. Recently, Town signed a 15 year deal for new office space along the Hudson River. This real estate company is regarded as one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the state of New York, and they are taking over NYC. This office will be number ten for Town Residential as they continue to make their presence known with their uptown brand.


Welcoming the new residents are the neighborhoods that have graced the Hudson River for many years. The meat packing district is where Town now calls home, and it lends them access to the upcoming neighborhoods that every real estate company wants to service. Brokers will most likely share the wealth of what this neighborhood has to offer with their prospective clients, and a big portion of this is the High Line. This recreational area is under two miles, stretching along Hudson Yards and down to TriBeca.


Founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger says that this second floor is just what they were looking for to seal the deal for office number ten. With 7,100 square feet of space, Town Residential is sure to accommodate the classiest of clients, focused on upscale living with the best that New York City has to offer. This new spot features ceilings that are 16 feet high, and a deck on the roof which is private just for Town and their clients.


Heiberger believes that this new space truly exemplifies the brand they are building, and joining them will be Thomas and Ingram, a private brokerage. This joining of the hands is great news as this brokerage moves into their office space with them, building the team beyond anything that Heiberger ever imagined.


Town Residential has always exemplified upscale living, and this fast growing brokerage is turning heads in the industry as they continue to close deal after deal with high-end clients. Town Residential is only three years old, and is growing at warp speed in the heart of NYC.