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Fabletics: Taking over the Fashion e-Commerce Industry

Fabletics has managed to do in three years, what most companies take years to achieve; conquering Amazon. For a long time, Amazon has been controlling 20% of the market. This has made it very hard for the different online retail store to succeed.


Through their technique, Fabletics has raised$250 million in revenue in the last three years.


How is Fabletics winning?


Kate Hudson and her partners decided to launch a brand that is different from the rest. They established a member-based Company. It is this is a simple idea that has made Fabletics a household name. All their customers sign up, and the management team request on their fashion preference.


The strategies used


One can’t plan to compete with Amazon without having strategies and a plan. This is something that Fabletics understand, and that is why they have developed simple yet robust strategies. The most important strategy they have incorporated in reverse showrooming.


Showrooming is a process that has made most businesses to fall. It is a technique used by buyers to gain more information on a product. They will visit the different online store, collect information and buy the clothes from other stores at a discount.


Fabletics opened pop-up stores that their clients can use to access the different clothes. Retail is another channel of building clientele, and the Company has maximized on the idea. In fact, 25% of the new customers become members at the stores.


Maximizing on the data


It is important for the retail stores to display what the clients want to see. That is why Fabletics uses the data on the clients’ preferences to stock the stores. All the products displayed are appealing to the customers.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is an online retail store that manufactures activewear for women. Kate Hudson is the co-founder and the face of the Company. Using her celebrity status, she has managed to increase the popularity of the brand.


How it works


All members of the Company are required to sign up. You will be asked to fill in a form indicating your fashion preference. If you don’t know what you prefer, you are advised to take the Lifestyle Quiz and determine the gear suitable for you.


Once you become a member, you will receive an email every month with the fashion trend of that month. You don’t have to buy the clothing. However, you will be required to make a decision if you are going to buy or not. Failure to make a decision by 5th of that month will result in a store credit of $49.


Fabletics launched a male activewear in 2015. Soon after, they included dresses and shoe brands.


The style and quality


The gym wear is made of high-quality material. They are also quite affordable for the average Americans. The Company has a broad range of styles that you can choose from. Most of the bottoms are designed with solid colors. However, you can also find pants with bold patterns.

How To Create An Awesome Party Without Stress

Creating a party should not be stressful. Too many times, the process of creating it creates a lot of stress for planners. With some simple tips from party planner and party blog editor Camille Styles, you to can create a party without the stress and fuss that accompanies it.


The first and most important thing to remember when planning a party says Camille Styles is to get organized. Creating a checklist will help put everything else in order and put you on track to meet your goals. It will also help to cut down on stress significantly. If you know what you need to do and how you are going to do it, then you are already on the way to creating the party without the stress, rush and fuss that others often have because they are not organized.


Once you are organized, you should focus on the details of the party. Consider making a party theme. For example are you hosting a girly birthday party for a daughter? Or are you hosting a get together for couples and friends? Create a theme that is in line with the idea behind the party. You can also spruce things up by trying exotic themes such as a Mexican siesta or beach theme party. The theme can also help you to choose foods, decorations and music. Build around the theme and you can have a great and lively party.


Another tip for creating a wonderful and stress free party is to send out invites well in advance. While you can use the net for last minute invites, the best invites are handwritten and in a card format. Decorate cards with some supplies from a craft store for a special touch. Remember the key to cutting stress from party planning is to plan ahead and organize the tasks you need to do and supplies you need to buy.


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