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Wild Ark delivers “eco-tainment” for everyone!

Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but for the environmentally conscious traveler, it isn’t enough to simply find some new place to be a consumer. They might be looking for something that provides a degree of personal enrichment, or even a chance to make a difference. That’s where a company like Wild Ark comes in.


Wild Ark isn’t just some travel agency. It was founded by actual conservationists who share a passion for protecting the biodiversity found across the globe, and they are dedicated to taking people on journeys of ecological edutainment! Wild ark offers eco-conscious opportunities for rest and relaxation as well as full on courses for the aspiring naturalist.


One of the more relaxing travel destinations that Wild Ark offers is the “Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge”. With no set schedule, you are given unlimited time for guided fly fishing over the course of two and a half days, four and a half days, or even a full week. There’s no need to worry about what kind of gear to pack. Everything is provided, including fishing equipment, fishing guides, accommodations, and even meals. Whether you are a novice to fly fishing, or a seasoned veteran, you are sure to enjoy this memorable experience on the Kvichak River.


If you are looking for a more intense learning experience, then you might want to try Wild Ark’s “EcoTracker” course. This trip is actually administered by an organization called “EcoTraining”. They are Wild Ark’s training partner. “EcoTracker” is all about learning the skills required for tracking animals in the wild, and it provides real hands on experience in South Africa and Botswana. This particular course is offered in both 7 day, and 14 day options.


Wild Ark offers up a variety of unique travel destinations, and every expedition contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem being visited. They are an ideal choice when it comes to the travel needs of those individuals for whom an eco-conscious adventure beckons!


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Julia Jackson Leads the Expansion of Jackson Family Wines to Sonoma County

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson, the founder of Jackson Family Wines. In an interview, Julia describes how she remembers picking and sorting grapes at a tender age. The family had done business in the wine industry before she was born. However, Julia Jackson has diverted from the wine industry by joining Cambria Estates as a spokesperson. Cambria Estate Winery is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower women. On November 2014, the institution pledged $ 100, 000 annually to empower and celebrate exceptional women in the society. The non-profit organization got founded by Cambria Proprietors, Katherine, and Julia Jackson. The seeds of empowerment program seek to honor what Julia calls Warrior Women. The program intends to provide financial support to organizations dedicated to the development of women.

Through the institution, Julia Jackson and her team work locally and internationally to identify, train and empower women who are instrumental in changing their communities. For over 30 years, the fund has dedicated itself to strengthening the role of women in the society through grassroots projects. During her early years, Julia made friendship with a French speaking daughter of a winemaker employed in their firm. As a result, she studied French during summer and on several occasions, she enrolled as a French teacher during her time in college. Julia graduated with a BA from Scripps College and attained a certificate in general management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

On 6th October 2015, Jackson Family Wines launched the company’s flagship Sonoma County wine. According to Julia, Sonoma has a reputation of loving the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. However, she believed the best wine for the place was the Cabernet. Julia also pointed out that the reason Sonoma County was less famous as considered to counties like Napa was due to lack of marketing resources. However, it was the company intentions to ensure the county received recognition in the wine industry. Additionally, a wine called Acaibo from Trinite Estate Winery is setting root in the county.

Bruce Bent II Culminated Success and Financial Management

Bruce Bent II continues to be one of the leading financial managers with his continued success leading some of the largest companies. At the helm of Hallmark and Double Rock, Bent II has spearheaded some of the most successful financial management businesses in all of New York. His success is partially in part do to the legacy and skills given to him by his father. The success in the Bent family has culminated from his father’s success in creating the country’s first money market in 1970. This feat was incredibly remarkable and would ultimately help propel Bent II towards success in the monetary sector.

Rise to Success
Rising to success in the economic sector is not as easy as applying for a job. Bent II’s path to success came in the form of his father. His father took it upon himself to teach Bruce Bent II every tip needed in order to become extremely successful in the financial sector. Fund management involves many legalities that it takes a keen mind to handle. Having an in and out knowledge has allowed Bruce Bent II to be able to successfully orchestrate one of the best business operations in the money market with Double Rock. Before starting his career, Bent II earned his bachelor’s in economics at Northeastern University.

Double Rock and Bruce Bent II
Double Rock has continued to permeate Bruce Bent II’s career. Bent II has been with the company his entire business career. This longevity has allowed him to craft the perfect set of skills needed to be capable to lead the company into continued fiscal success. Bruce Bent II learned the skills that are necessary to be capable to succeed long term financial career. His time with Double Rock was some of his most important work escalating him to success. Currently he is the vice chairman and president of Double Rock.

Bruce Bent II’s continued success comes from a combination of his father’s success and from his developed skills whilst working at Double Rock. These combined have allowed Bruce Bent II to earn a position in the business world that defines who he is as a businessman and wealthy individual. His success has carved out a path towards more financial management success.

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Get Your Car Ready for Your Summer Road Trip

Before you and your friends or family head out for your summertime road trip, it’s important to make sure your car is in great condition. Here are a few tips to ensure that your vehicle will get you where you want to go safely.


First, check your tires. Use a pressure gauge to make sure there is adequate air in your tires and add more air as needed. It’s also a good idea to have your mechanic take a look at the tires to see if you should have your tires rotated or replaced before getting on the road.


It’s also imperative that you check the fluids in your vehicle. The summer weather can negatively affect your engine, so make sure there is enough antifreeze in the car, and use a thicker grade of oil to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated. You should also fill up the windshield wiper fluid in the car to ensure that you can safely drive through the rain on your road trip.


An overall tuneup is also recommended to keep your car running smoothly as you embark on new adventures this summer.

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Rona Borre is The Model Business Woman

In 2001, Rona Borre started her new company, Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting company. She had just quit a high-paying job where she had beaten every sales record the company had ever recorded because she figured that she had reached the limit to what she could accomplish there. Go here at


Today, Borre is the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Instant Alliance bills out millions of dollars to clients annually and provides new hires to Fortune 500 companies, companies that are mid-sized, and even small companies. Borre specializes in the hiring of technological and financial professionals because these are the folks that a company needs when growing to the next level, and they are always in demand. Explore more.


Borre learned early in the staffing business that it paid to be unique and use techniques that work as opposed to techniques that everyone else used. Many of her competitors still shuffle through endless amounts of resumes, hoping to find the one or two that fit what a client wants in the way of an employee.


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Instead, Borre and her associates spend a great deal of time and effort getting to know the executives of the recruiting division. Hop on to read more.