Browse Month: August 2018

Hope for Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Rod Rohrich

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich knows there are things he can do that other surgeons are unable to do. He isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to help all his patients while also giving them the chance to do things that will help them. He knows they need someone who can advocate for them while he’s running the plastic surgery center and he pushes to make things better for all the patients. Because Dr. Rod Rohrich has so much experience working in the industry, he learns about different practices and procedures he can use to cater to his patients. It’s his goal of creating a better life for all the patients that allows him to continue pushing to make things better. As long as Dr. Rod Rohrich knows what he can do to help, he feels good about giving back in different situations. It’s his goal to always make sure people see him as a positive influence no matter what he has to do.

The cosmetic surgery part of his carer isn’t always the easiest. It was hard for him to get to that point and he continues working to make sure he can help other people see what he’s doing. Dr. Rod Rohrich makes a point of giving people these influential opportunities and he believes he has the key to creating a better life for all his patients. Using his help, more people will have the chances they need to succeed with the things they’re doing.

By looking at all of this, Dr. Rod Rohrich feels good about the things he offers at his practice. His patients need someone who knows what they’re doing and Dr. Rod Rohrich gives them that chance. He believes in the power of medicine to help people feel better and won’t stop until he knows he can help everyone who needs it. By looking at these opportunities, Dr. Rod Rohrich feels good about what he’s giving patients and how he’s making their lives easier. He doesn’t worry about the negative effects that might come from the field he’s worked so hard in.

Five Years Later and Surf Air is Still Going Strong!

Surf Air is expanding its services to include on-ground experiences that maintain the high standards that Surf Air members have come to expect. Through their recently announced partnership with All Roads North, the luxury airline will now provide passengers with exceptional experiences such as enjoying meals created by today’s top chefs, to getting a guided tour throughout San Francisco’s notable museums and galleries. Members can now also enjoy the perks offered at The Private Suite LAX, the first-rate terminal that allows passengers to escape the hordes in the LAX airport waiting areas and lounges. These partnerships have been revealed as part of the celebration marking Surf Air’s first five years in business.

The company will still continue to offer additional perks and benefits to their various membership level packages. For those who hold Surf Air Preferred and Premium Membership, more benefits are regularly added. One of the latest additions to membership privileges is the partnership that Surf Air has announced with FoundersCard, a members-only community that brings founders and entrepreneurs together with their 25,0000-person strong network. FoundersCard also provides their members with amenities such as preferred rates and top resorts and hotels as well as more generous cancellation policies. FoundersCard is a great way for elite members of the finance and technology industries to network and socialize with like-minded people. This organization can also help members to enjoy events and interactions that are free from unsolicited pitches. The FoundersCard membership is just one of Surf Air’s many benefits.

Surf Air also provides its members with up-to-the-minute information on notable spots to visit in the cities that they serve. Through the Surf Air Recommends webpage, members can find out the best rooftop pools in LA to where to cool off in their destination cities. The page also includes information about spas and other top destinations where the level of service if up to the exacting standards that are held by Surf Air members.

Anyone who is interested in exceptional travel can learn more about Surf Air and the festivities scheduled during the 5-year anniversary celebration by checking out the Surf Air App!


Fortress Investment Group: A Model Investment Partner Company Background

Fortress Investment Group is a globally-leading and highly diversified investment management business firm. The firm was founded by Wes Eden, Randall Nardone and Robert Kauffman in 1998. Despite being in business for only two decades, the investment management business firm has become a giant in the financial world because of their outstanding services and investments across the world.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group manages about $40.9 billion, with more than 1 750 institutional and private investors distributed across the world. Some of the areas in which the firm invests include real estate, private equity firm, permanent capital vehicles and hedge funds.

Company Leadership

The founders of the Company-Wes Edens and Randall Nardone –still serve as the firm’s principals. However, Rob Kauffman retired in 2012. The founders of the company brought with them extensive financial experience from various positions at Goldman Sachs, UBS, Black Rock Financial Management, and Lehman Brothers.

In 2002, two major players in the financial sector joined the company. Michael Novogratz left Goldman Sachs and joined Fortress Investment in the capacity of fund manager, although he left in 2015. Peter Briger joined the company as a principal and retains the position to date. Briger joined Fortress Investment from Goldman Sachs where he had worked for 15 years. His leadership brought the company significant connections and understanding of the Asian financial sector.

Company Legacy and Operations

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group made history when it became the first alternative investment company to go public. The event opened the path for other similar companies, including KKR & Co., Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, and Apollo Global Management among others.

In 2006-2007, the Group made various distinguished investments, including the acquisition of Intrawest, which is the largest ski company in North America, RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming, and Florida East Coast Industries among others.

Recently, the company expanded its investment portfolio by offering iPass, a global leader in connectivity options with funding amounting to $20 million. On May 19, 2018, Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group launched private commuter rail service (Brightline) between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Brightline is the only privately operated and owned passenger rail system in the United States.

Overall, Fortress Investment Group continued to lead the financial world as a model investment firm with its diverse and groundbreaking services.