A New Perspective of Charles Koch

Though becoming powerful is not easy, it can be expected by the best of the best who have superior knowledge. One individual in particular is the co-owner of a multi-billion dollar company that has put him several times on Forbes’ list of wealthy individuals. This man is Charles Koch and he is the proud owner of Koch Industries. This business has made headlines for finding efficient and least damaging ways in order to refine oil products in order to turn them into first order usable products. Koch Industries is responsible for developing products that are used to make many different popular goods.

Charles Koch is not only a proud business owner, but he is also heavily involved in politics. His belief in politics is more so Republican as he believes in the Libertarian cause. Charles Koch is very much a supporter of Adam Smith when he states that the invisible hand is not in need of government assistance to control the free market. Charles Koch is a firm believer that though the government should be present, the government should not intervene through subsidies, price controls, and through other forms of controlling the market. Mr. Koch states that this does more harm than good as it eliminates the efficiency of what the free market it.

In recent news, Koch sat down to a rare interview in order to disclose how he proceeds through his life. Mr. Koch states that though he is successful, he tries to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Koch is also the proud author of his book, “Good Profit” which gives a full glimpse of his life of business.  Charles Koch specifically wants reads to see why he does what he does.

The Koch Brothers admittedly never started out poor as they inherited the family company. Though they never started out poor, Charles and his brother always had high expectations of them that, if failed, would never be lived down. This small glimpse into why they do what they do will be a new way to look at the Koch brothers especially through the eyes of anti-Libertarians.

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    May 27, 2017

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