Ara Chackerian Talks Depression And Treatments

Most people in the world seem to be hesitant about talking about suicide no matter how closely it may impact their lives. As the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions that provides outpatient treatment for patients who are suffering from mental illness, Ara Chackerian believes that the world needs to be much more open about these discussions in order to help get rid of the deep stigma that is centered around mental illness in general. While the passing of several celebrities has started to allow people to open up more about it, Ara Chackerian believes that we still have a long way to go.

The Florida State University graduate has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and angel investor. When he is not busy building and maintaining his businesses, he is engaging in many different philanthropical interests as well. He had previously worked in health care on an outpatient level when leading a company that had several radiology centers in Northern California. He believes that his TMS Solutions venture could lead the country in being a new pillar of mental health care. Ara Chackerian hopes to be able to raise awareness for the benefits that transcranial magnetic stimulation has to offer patients with depression.

Ara Chackerian wants to be able to help people with their mental health across the United States and eventually the world. This is why he feels it is so important to be able to talk about mental illness and even suicide. While the world still doesn’t talk about it enough, people have started to open more discussions about suicide and mental health issues in general. It’s important to get these discussions going so people can get the mental health treatment that they need to lead healthier lives. It’s important to realize that you are not alone in depression.