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Recieve Exclusive Insight With Financial Journalist Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a Emmy-nominated financial journalist, and currently the editor of Total Wealth Insider, after joining Banyan Publishing in 2015 as the editorial director. He has over 20 years of experience when it comes to being an investor in the stock market, and also has extensive experience in being a financial journalist. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine helps investors to have a better understanding in how the investing business really works, by contributing every week to their Winning Investor, and Sovereign Investor newsletters. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

The industry of investing is very complex in knowing the ins and outs of the monetary trends, economic trends, profit-making opportunities, and just the overall business aspects of investing. This is where Jeff Yastine plays a major role as a financial editor, by shedding the light on these factors, that must be applied to succeed in the investing industry. Jeff has been fortunate enough to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and other successful financiers in our era, such as Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, and many others.

When Jeff Yastine writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, he likes to share how investors can invest small amounts in certain stock markets, while at the same time, receiving a large profit turnaround. His mission is to warn these investors of how the past experiences within the United States, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and then the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, has had a deep financial impact on us as a nation, while providing the steps to avoid these tragedies, with his information that he releases with Banyan Hill Publishing. in 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for the Business Emmy Award, for bringing to light how bridges, the system of roads, and other forms of public infrastructure are underfunded. Visit Jeff Yastine on facebook

Reporting on issues that affect the entire country and beyond, for example, the nation’s bond market, is how Jeff has been able to win the New York State Society of certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism award, for his half-hour report. The Total Wealth Insider that Jeff has been writing for, is the most successful financial newsletters in their genre for writing, that investors like to look to for his exclusive research advice, ultimately helping them achieve a more prosperous life, feeling even more rich and free. Check:

What New Startups Need To Know According To Shervin Pishevar

It’s easy to say that Shervin Pishevar has a vested interest in how startups do in the market. As an early investor to many tech companies, he has made his fortune by investing in the right companies, including such ones as Uber and Airbnb.

He has some advice for startups, which is included in the 50 tweets that the venture capitalist recently shared on Twitter in only 21 hours. The tweets are numbered, making it easy to follow along and see how one tweet leads into the next.


Beware of Monopolies

Shervin Pishevar explains that there are a large number of monopolies in the United States, all with entirely too much power. These include Facebook and Microsoft as well as Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple. As he tweets, they are acquiring many of the startups, creating silent assassinations. It makes it difficult for startups to gain any kind of footing because of the amount of power that the monopolies hold.


Focus on Innovation

Shervin Pishevar warns that startups need to be extremely innovative. Silicon Valley is no longer the only place where innovation lives. It has become borderless as entrepreneurship continues to thrive and grow. Talent is no longer moving to the US because of borders, which means that talent is sprouting up all over the globe.

The startups that are truly innovative are the ones that will succeed because they are offering the marketplace something different.


Don’t Use a Traditional Infrastructure

Shervin Pishevar also tweets that the infrastructure is used by monopolies are not going to be successful for startups. Often, companies get trapped into short-term thinking and this is leading to the decaying infrastructure of the US government.

It is important for startups to consider all of the advice that Shervin Pishevar is providing. He has seen enough successful startups to know what works and what doesn’t work.

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Gregory Aziz and His Success with National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the head of Canada’s largest freight car manufacturer, National Steel Car. Since purchasing the company in 1994 and becoming CEO, President, and Chairman, he has been able to increase production and employment at National Steel Car to near unimaginable levels.


Gregory Aziz was born in 1949 in London, Ontario, Canada. He earned a degree in economics from University of Western Ontario, but also attended Ridley College. During his time spent in college, he gained expertise in the world of economics. This hasn’t only enabled him to lead National Steel Car into better days, he also assisted with his family’s business and made a fortune in the investment banking industry in New York City.


During his time as an investment banker, he made the money needed to purchase his own company. He decided to purchase National Steel Car, a company located in his home country of Canada. Since James Aziz obtained ownership of Canada, he has increased employment by five fold and production by three.


When Greg Aziz isn’t overseeing the production for North America’s biggest freight company, he is donating times and money to his community. Greg James Aziz sponsors organizations in the entertainment industry as well as more noble causes. Some of the organizations he supports are the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and the Salvation Army. Greg and his wife, Irene, also make possible the biggest agricultural festival in Canada, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. National Steel Car also participates in local food banks and food drives.

About National Steel Car


The company began as Imperial Car Company in 1912, but changed their name to National Steel Car just under a year later. At the time, Canada was known for its many freight train manufacturers but has since dwindled down to only four companies. National Steel Car is not only the leader among the remaining four companies in Canada, it is the biggest freight car producer in all of North America. See This Article for more information.

As well as producing standard freight cars such as boxcars, coil cars, hopper cars, and intermodal cars, National Steel Car has the capability to handle unique, specialized orders. Canpotex, when they required specialized cars to transport potash, they chose National Steel Car.

The Success of Paul Mampilly and His Contribution to the Economy

Creating long-term decisions regarding money is difficult and scary. Investors would rather hire financial advisors for assistance in making financial decisions. All too often, most advisors offer clients incredible advice. However, deciding if the advice is worth the price and risk is most of the time, challenging. Before hiring a financial advisor, it is vital for an investor to analyze income and be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of delving into a specific, investment scheme. Paul Mampilly is a renowned advisor when it comes to making investment decisions. He has talked investors into selecting the perfect opportunities for over a long while.


Paul Mampilly was born in India. He moved to America to pursue his dreams. He became part of Banyan Hill 2016. This is a publishing company that empowers investors by sharing essential information regarding the right tips of investment opportunities. Mampilly is the senior editor of the firm. He capitalizes on helping Americans create wealth through the right investment, special opportunities, and the right technology.


Paul’s career dates to 1991. The Wall Street Journal employed him. Serving as the assistant portfolio manager, he crafted his art in offering clients the right investment options. Paul dedicated time and effort to find viable solutions for his clients. He succeeded in this as he expanded the company’s portfolio.

Paul’s Contribution

Mampilly has often fitted the description of a successful business professional. Coupled with his vision to predict the future of investments, he is a role model to many investors. That is why when he left the Wall Street Journal he landed employment at Deutsche Bank as well as ING. Mampilly managed high-risk investment in his capacity as a portfolio manager. He handled accounts worth millions of dollars. In 2006, Mampilly was employed by Kinetics Energy. He managed the company’s hedge fund. In his capacity as a manager, he increased the firm’s revenue from $6 billion to $25 billion. The company was named the world’s best manager of hedge funds. Paul Mampilly Says Being “Chipped” Is the Wave of the Future
Templeton Foundation

Paul’s contribution extends to his participation in the famous Templeton Foundation. His initial investment was $50 million. He made $88 million from the capital. Paul’s skills in finance and asset management position him among the leading advisors in the world. Given his story in the industry, he can be trusted to provide the best advice to prospective investors. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

Additional Information

After decades of working in the same industry and for the same people, Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street. He calls himself a retiree. However, he is not dormant in offering financial services. He owns Profits Unlimited, a company that assists investors to gauge the economic viability of the business before investing in it. Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Hits 60,000 Subscribers

Ted Bauman and Useful Tax Advice

Ted Bauman is a finance specialist and Banyan Hill Publishing editorial director who happens to know a lot about the tax universe. He, as a result, is always more than willing to share his tax suggestions with the world. People all around the United States dread the month of April each year. That’s precisely the time they have to deal with all tax return filing matters. If you’re a taxpayer who wants to lower your tax expenses in a serious way, Bauman may have some helpful and effective suggestions available for you to contemplate. People can decrease their tax costs in a manner that’s 100 percent acceptable and safe.

Bauman believes that it’s a good idea for individuals to contemplate setting up limited liability companies at some point in 2018. There are brand new regulations that enable people to significantly minimize their tax costs. They can do so by heading and running LLCs. Beginning independent contractor employment can help people lessen expenses substantially. All they have to do is abandon simple “employee” status. It’s critical to understand, though, that outcomes differ based on individuals and their specific tax classifications.

Bauman can assist individuals who possess retirement accounts. He thinks that people should move on to Roth IRAs (individual retirement accounts). Bauman wants people out there to be fully aware of the fact that IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulations exclusively permit 1031 switches that pertain to the real estate realm after the first day of 2018. He motivates people who own businesses to finish trades they have going on prior to that specific date. It’s a comprehensive method that offers tax perks that are suitable for capital gains. These work out well for firms that change out any physical assets.

Bauman wants people to work with professional tax preparers if at all possible. He thinks this is particularly vital in the event of regulation adjustments. He advises individuals to finish time-consuming and difficult duties early in the day when they’re totally alert.

This finance wizard has been delighting the public with advice and guidance for a while. He’s behind an all-encompassing and meticulous newsletter that has given countless people all around the United States hope and insight. Bauman has been a hit on the Banyan Hill Publishing staff since 2013. He edits a handful of newsletters as well. These are Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and, finally, Plan B Club.

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Paul Mampilly the Successful Business Professional

The role of an investment advisor is making the right call when an investment opportunity arises. All too often, an investment advisor is faced with the challenge of deciding which docket suits the investor in terms of budgeting and the risks involved. A good investment advisor has vast experience in the business. An astute investment advisor can predict the future of business prior to putting resources to it. Such are the characteristics of Paul Mampilly. Paul Mampilly is an entrepreneur, investment advisor, author, and publisher. He works as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Having joined the company in 2006, he is presently, well- versed with the ropes involved in investment.

Mampilly’s Input in Businesses

Mampilly is a business mogul whose skills have assisted many to make a living out of small to well-established businesses. He embraces technology and uses it to empower business professionals. Being a senior editor, he does professional write-ups to help Americans in wealth creation. Mampilly roots for small-cap stocks as well as special investment opportunities.

Early Life and Career

Paul Mampilly hailed from India. He moved to America at a tender age. Paul’s career commenced from the Wall Street Journal. He joined the company in 1991 and worked as the assistant portfolio manager. He also worked as a portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Mampilly’s career vastly escalated to the prestigious Deutsche Bank. He was in charge of multimillion-dollar accounts. Mampilly was good at asset management. Consequently, Kinetics Asset Management hired him to run their hedge fund. With his guidance, Kinetics made up to $ 25 billion. Barron named the company one of the best in hedge fund management. Paul’s tenure was marked by success.

The Templeton Foundation

Paul was visionary. The Templeton Foundation chose him to participate in a competition that contributed to his success. He invested $ 50 million in the competition and managed to recover about $88 million in the same year. He achieved this during a financial crisis. Even so, he had had enough of Wall Street. He needed more challenging businesses to manage. That explains his decision to quit. He joined his family to raise his children. However, he did not brand himself a retiree.

Additional Information

Presently, Paul uses the skills he garnered as an investor to help people in making money. He spends time predicting the future of financial dockets and offering advice on people’s investments. He founded Profits Unlimited to empower business professionals and retirees. Paul commits to helping people in ways that even bigger organizations cannot.

The truth about Sheriff Joe Arpaio as told by Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin

The reign of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one marked by intrigues and injustice that left many baffled. The sheriff had a knack to do things no other law enforcement officer in the country would dare do. By declaring himself the toughest sheriff in America, he had declared that he was willing to do whatever it took to get his way.

The sheriff would go to the extent of arresting journalists would were reporting on his misdeeds. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would bear the brunt of the sheriff’s actions and would come to be entangled in a lawsuit that would see them on opposite sides.

The law enforcement officer had established that by creating a scapegoat targeting one community and selling the narrative that that community was the cause of all the problems that faced the county he would get a free pass from his political base as a hardworking sheriff while getting away with his misdeeds.

Jim and Larkin having lived there entire lives in Arizona knew better than this and understood that the Hispanic community could not be held liable for all the ills affecting Maricopa.

They knew that by making certain allegations, the sheriff had been able to entrench a culture of racial profiling in the department and get justification for arresting and detaining members of the same community without drawing public outrage. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The sheriff would not have otherwise been able to get away with half of what he did had he not been this strategic. The two journalist would compel him to answer some hard and uncomfortable questions by publishing facts about his style of law enforcement. An article about real estate dealings that the sheriff was involved in to the tune of 690,000 dollars would firmly put them in the enemies list of the sheriff.

This was not the only article that would irk the sheriff Micheal and Jim had investigated the numerous cases of mysterious deaths that always seemed to plague the sheriff’s department and come up with some interesting conclusions. The death of a veteran who was being detained during a jail riot was one that would have prevented and seemed to stem from negligence by the sheriff and his department when handling inmates. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The other case involved a woman who went into a coma after being denied medication despite her indicating that she had some medical complications. These were among the many instances that The Phoenix New Times reported on and in doing so continued to draw the sheriff’s ire.

The case that pitted the two against each other came about when the sheriff ordered the arrest of Larkin and Lacey for publishing the contents of a subpoena that was meant to stop them from doing the same.

The arrest would trigger a backlash that would see the sheriff release the two eventually and drop all charges. Having realized what the sheriff had done they sued him and his entire department and were awarded a 3.75 million settlement. This money would be used by the two to start the Frontera fund.

Louis Chenevert Has Helped To Strengthen The United States Economy By Providing Thousands Of Jobs

Louis Chenevert, former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), has spent a lot of his time with the company by ensuring that it stayed focused on its long-term goals as well as its role as an innovator in its industry. Chenevert was the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999, and his intuition told him back then that the GTF engine would become something huge. In 2006, he joined UTC as its CEO, and it was here that he saw a way to move forward with his vision about the GTF engine. UTC invested more than $10 billion into the design on the engine that had taken 20 years to perfect, and now, over 70 different aircraft are flown that use the engine. If Chenevert had never gotten involved with UTC, the engine may have never come to light.


Louis Chenevert has always worked hard to keep jobs within the United States, and it was his ideas that have led to the company continuing its support of the United States economy. To this day, Pratt & Whitney offer jobs to United States citizens in Michigan, New York, Florida, Maine, Georgia, and Connecticut with supply chains that reach the entire country. Chenevert was able to look into the future when he partnered Pratt & Whitney with UTC, and he recognized that the union would be able to offer jobs to many people in the U.S.A. Looking ahead, UTC will be employing more than 25,000 people in the U.S., and it looks to put more people to work in the future. Visit This Page for more information.


Louis Chenevert was born in Canada, and he studied at HEC Montreal where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Product Mangement. Before joining up with Pratt & Whitney, he worked with General Motors for close to a decade and a half. Once with Pratt & Whitney, he was voted in as the President after being there for six years. By 2006, he was working with UTC as its CEO and President, and in 2011 he was honored by HEC Montreal with an honorary doctorate. Chenevert leaves behind a legacy of strengthening the United States economy and building a company that makes some of the most advanced airplane engines in the world.



Dr. David Samadi on Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Dr. David Samadi has many titles, one of them being a major contributor for Fox News Health at Fox News Channel. In addition, he is a Professor of Urology at Hofstra School of Medicine, the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a well-respected Urologist that has recently spoken on the topic of Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a worry for males of all ages, especially as they become older they become more susceptible to prostate cancer. Having a success story from someone as high profile as Mitt Romney give men all over the world hope that their own situations will turn out for the better.

Dr. David Samadi expressed his opinion that Mr. Romney did the best procedures possible for his condition. Mr. Romney was diagnosed with a slow-growing tumor in the prostate. Prostate cancer is most common in males over 65 years of age, it is not often found in males under 40 years old. He recommends that men between the ages of 40 and 50 get regular examinations.

Upon the diagnosis of prostate cancer, or most cancers, the patient has some decisions to make. Usually, they come down to deciding on whether to have surgery or undergo radiation treatment. Dr. David Samadi believes n always educating his patients on their choices, but studies have found surgery to lead to the better overall prognosis of the disease. Dr. David Samadi recommends surgery over radiation commonly because patients treated with radiation are one and a half times more likely to die sooner than men that opted for surgery. In addition to this factor, the use of radiation therapy opens the doors for new cancers to develop in the bladder or rectum due to exposure to DNA damage.

Dr. David Samadi also recommends that men with localized cancer have the entire prostate removed, this procedure has close to a 0% morbidity rate. He also suggests that patients choose their surgeons with care and not to be afraid to ask about sexual functioning after everything is said and done.

Dr. David Samadi believes that Mr. Romney and many other prominent men did the right thing in choosing a great surgeon to remove their cancers. He believes that they made well-informed decisions and found experienced urology oncologists to help them along the way.

How Bernardo Chua Found Success With Premium Beverages

Bernardo Chua is a Canadian businessman who was born in the Philippines. After completing his education he went to work for his family’s company. He says that because he had many older brothers and sisters working for the company at the time he had way too many bosses giving conflicting orders. He eventually made the decision to strike out on his own and become an entrepreneur. His first company was Gano Excel Philippines which sold premium teas. The difference maker for his teas was that they contained the powder of Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a type of mushroom that has been used throughout Asia for its healing properties for over 2,000 years. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

Gano Excel Philippines was a direct marketing company. This means that they had independent contractors who sold the company’s products and in exchange received a commission for each sale. This model proved successful and soon Bernardo Chua and his team had expanded internationally into other Asian markets. A few years later he decided to expand into North America and so he moved, along with his family, to the United States where he launched and presided over Gano Excel USA in 2003.

Five years later, in 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to expand what he sold that contained Ganoderma Lucidum. He launched a new company in British Columbia, Canada, named Organo Gold. In addition to premium teas his company sells premium coffee as well as personal care products like toothpaste. He serves as the chief executive officer and uses his expertise in the food & beverage industry as well as his 20 years in the direct marketing industry to successfully operate this company.

Organo Gold products are now sold around the world in many countries. In February 2015 he returned to Manila, Philippines, so that he could personally receive one of this nation’s highest business honors. He was presented with the Dangal ng Bayan Award because of his international business success. As his products are sold in the Philippines his company Organo Gold also received a pair of People’s Choice Awards during the ceremony he attended. Visit: