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Why Customers Want Equities First Holdings UK in Their Corner

Equities First Holdings UK (EFH) has become a leader in the industry, there are not many companies who are capable of matching their flagship product. EFH’s flagship product is the stock-based loan. The stock-based loan is the reason why growth led them to create operation in the United Kingdom. EFH start was in state of Indiana in 2002. While in the UK, their operation has helped many individuals and businesses.

Traditional banks helped EFH become the leader of the lending industry. The customers were turned away by traditional banks, because they were unable to qualify for traditional bank loans. Customers turned to EFH for help. EFH help the customers by helping them get approved for much-needed loans.

EFH’s capability to use stocks as collateral for a loan and the loan can be used for anything are elements that won over several customers. The office in the UK exist because of the success EFH has with stock-based loans. EFH has several transactions to reflect its’ product success. EFH uses stocks with future value as collateral for its’ loans. There are several investors and businesses that EFH can target for potential business. With better loan approval rates, it is a no-brainer to recognize why customers want EFH in their corner.

Rick Smith Is Happy To See Securus Technologies Succeeding At What It Does Best

Rick Smith, the Chief Operating Officer of Securus Technologies recently commented on many different positive emails and letters that his company received due to the excellent job it is doing. Securus offers a spread of technologies that help to keep society safe, and the company mainly focuses its efforts on corrections facilities, corrections organizations, and other public safety groups that work to protect people. Quite a bit of what Securus offers helps to prevent and solve different crimes including those acted out by prison inmates during their time of incarceration.

Rick Smith is a humble leader for Securus but was very happy when the reports of the emails and letters came to light. Without tooting their own horn, too much, he is glad that the world is beginning to realize the amazing service that Securus offers and how it helps to keep people safe. He recently commented on the fact that Securus is coming up with new products and services on a weekly basis that assist law enforcement officers with the very important job of limiting the amount of crime that occurs. He went further to say that his company has been receiving thousands of emails and letters that thank them for everything they are doing to help law enforcement keep people, inmates and their families, and parolees safe. Read more about Rick on

To add to what they already offer, Rick Smith Securus acquired JPay, which is a tech company that created email, electronic payments, and many other educational as well as entertaining applications for inmates in the prison system. Mr. Smith commented that acquiring JPay will allow him and his company to build and offer any software or tech based application that jails, modern prisons, or correctional agencies might need. He also said that he had been eyeing JPay for some time and that he knew now was the time to move forward with the purchase so Securus could grow into the corrections tech leader that he has envisioned it to be.

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Rick Smith is a Member of the Board for Integra Telecom Co Ltd. and also served as a Board member with Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked hard and earned a spread of degrees while going to college, and his first degree was an Associate’s Degree that he received while he studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo and earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering while attending the same university. Finally, he earned an MBA while going to the University of Rochester. Along with being the CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith has also been the President, COO, and Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. Follow Rick’s profile at

Troy McQuagge Is Recognized For His Vision At USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge was given the CEO of the Year award by One Planet. One Planet is a coveted award organization that operates internationally. It recognizes professional excellence in any given industry around the globe. Organizations are eligible to qualify for the award anywhere in the world. The sphere includes large fortune five 500 companies down to the smallest startups.

McQuagge became a part of the USHEALTH Group team in 2010. He made an impact immediately by rebuilding its distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. Troy McQuagge’s success with the restructuring of the Advisors division lead to Troy being assigned the position of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group. The appointment happened to 2014. USHEALTH Group has since recorded unprecedented success, profitability and growth under Troy McQuagge’s leadership.

Troy McQuagge relishes the honor of being named the One Awards CEO of the year. It is a glowing show of recognition and respect from his peers within the industry. Troy did not hesitate to give credit for his success to his team at USHEALTH Group. The company has been able to form a new culture, which is contributing to solving the problem for affordable health care to its customers. The innovative coverage programs are opening doors and allowing access to healthcare in ways that were not available before. Read more on about Troy McQuagge

One Planet Awards recognizes companies for their success in any particular industry. The system is divided into different categories and sections that include new products, teams, executives, services, public relations, marketing and communications. The international format is designed to appreciate companies in any region of the world.

USHEALTH Group is based in Forth Worth, Texas. It is an insurance holding organization that provides healthcare solutions for small business owners and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH Group is dedicated to using the talents of its staff to present competitive and profitable insurance packages. The process is designed to work while providing the best possible customer service to each and every client.



Stream Energy And The New Chief Financial Officer

Many people are often fearful of diseases and social events mainly because of what they read. The online information they can find is replete with misleading ideas that get people in trouble. In the case of learning more about the new updates about Stream Energy services, it is essential to make sure that we get a lot of info in check. That’s what we’re going to try to address in this article. We will tackle the issues that usually make people uncomfortable reading long articles online. So shall we start?

The Latest Press Release

One of the latest things that you might not have known yet today is the fact that Stream Energy  (used to be Stream Energy) is now one of the many leading companies today that can help with people’s energy bills in a direct selling form. Basically, consumers can take advantage of the services of Stream but only paying a lower cost. They can just pay a little, and they can already get a lot of the services offered by Stream. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

On that note, one of the latest things that have happened in Stream services is the inauguration of the new Chief Financial Officer. Last November 5, 2017, David Faranetta became the latest Chief Financial Officer of the company. This new position for Mr. David spells a lot of new responsibilities for him, but these are things that he already has prepared himself for.

The CEO and President of Stream Larry Mondry announced in the press release that he was indeed more than happy that Mr. David is now the Chief Financial Officer. His service and experience in the company have been held with great reserve, and this is the reason why he was chosen as the company’s new finance chief. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

What Is Stream?

Stream is an energy service provider that helps consumers get the best deals in their energy costs through a multi-level marketing system. This means that the customers who acquire their electricity and retail energy business will be able to earn a profit every time they get another person to use the products of Stream.


Alexandre Gama’s Flourishing Career In Advertising

When people talk about Brazilian entrepreneurs, one of the names that might pop up is Alexandre Gama’s. Gama is a businessman, who was born in Rio de Janeiro. He is known for his company, Neogama, an advertising and communications agency based in Brazil. As a creative, Neogama has had a long career in advertising.

Gama is a graduate from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), where he earned his degree in Advertising and Communications. He started his career working for various advertising agencies. He held positions of creative director and copywriter in some of them. in 1999, he decided to set out on his own. That is how the idea of establishing Neogama was developed.

With his agency, Neogama Alexandre Gama has gained a lot of recognition for his work in the communications and advertising sector. Neogama has received various awards, including the 2015 Golden Lion at Cannes.

As an entrepreneur, Gama has also received individual awards. He was elected he Agency Director of the Year by the Propaganda Professional Association during their 10th Professional Contribution Award in 2006. He has also been voted one of the top 3 advertising professionals in Brazil. As an entrepreneur, continues to be influential and successful.

National Steel Car Growth under the Administration of Gregory James Aziz

Presently, Greg Aziz holds top executive’s positions of National Steel Car. Currently, he serves the company as sole president. National Steel Car ranks first worldwide in railroad bulk goods transportation, car engineering and manufacturing among others. National Steel Car founded hundred years ago, and it still excel in engineering, manufacturing and commitment to quality. The company headquarters along Kenilworth Avenue North Hamilton, Ontario.



The company is managed by top executives with broad expertise in railway engineering together with construction. The top-level management of the industry manages goals and policies of the company by providing guidance and directions to employees. For instance, Greg Aziz, he is a top-level executive who is currently responsible for maintaining contact with the outside world. The industry has a total of two thousand employees who are committed to ensure the growth of national steel car.



National Steel Car is governed with the sense of honoring traditions of ancient times, determination together with relentless focus on the excellence of performance and indisputable quality. Since its founding, the industry is said to has designed and manufactured uncountable freight cars for its loyal clients together with its suppliers.



According to Greg Aziz, the backbone of National Steel Car is the community. The company community controls and coordinates the activities of all departments in the industry. Today, the company is full of energy and new ideas, and determined to succeed than ever before.



The company comprises of innovative and values-driven management team that focuses its strength with efficiency incomparable in the rail engineering industry. The industry goals and policies are trusted by clients across the globe due to its impeccable quality railcars. Moreover, the company also delivers its services on a timely manner. As a result, National Steel Car is the only railroad industry in Ontario region to be officially stated by ISO. Additionally, the relentlessness of the management team has resulted to continuous earning of TTX SECO award yearly since the year 1997.



Greg Aziz is a Canadian born businessman and an entrepreneur. His professional education started at Ridley College. Later on, he enrolled at the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He moved to New York and in the early 1990s, he purchased National Steel Car from a close friend with the hope of reviving the rail market. He appointed the executives for management level to assist in employment and training of new employees. Meanwhile, the company continues to lead in building of reliable rail transport.


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The Success of Gregory James Aziz at National Steel Car Company

National Steel Car is not just an ordinary company. The institution has been in the market for a long time, and this means that it has all the expertise needed in the car manufacturing company. The firm is known to many as the leading firm in the manufacture of rail freight cars, innovation, and engineering. The firm first came into the market in the late nineties, and it has experienced nothing but success. The company products and services have been appreciated by people in several platforms in the world.

Getting to this position in the complex car manufacturing industry is not a walk in the park. The company has a great team of engineers who are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the customers access quality services. The leadership of the car manufacturing firm has played a critical role in its success. At the moment, it is led by one of the most respected professionals in Canada, known as Gregory Aziz.


Greg Aziz has introduced so many changes since he joined the company several years ago. Under his great leadership, the company sales and even profits seem to be increasing every day because of the great experience he has acquired over the years. Most of the projects that have been carried under the leadership of the businessman have turned out to be very successful, and this is why Greg has received so many awards recently. See More Info Here.

Before getting a chance to work in the car manufacturing industry, the businessman had worked in various institutions. First of all, he worked in the family business where he helped in growing the hospitality company into the international level. After experiencing a lot of success in the company, Greg was fortunate to acquire several top positions in the financial department. The businessman worked in prominent banks in the country. While working in this positions in the financial market, Gregory acquired a lot of success, and this is why he has been doing so well in National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz has a great education background. According to his resume, the businessman was born and also raised in Ontario, Canada. Unlike most wealthy people, the businessman decided to spend most of his educational years in Canada. When he graduated at University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics, the businessman decided to assist his parents in the family business before he could finally venture into the complicated corporate world.


Fabletics Knows How to Work the Crowd

Fabletics is a modern clothing business that’s more than aware of the massive strength the Internet brings to the table. It’s a smart online retailer that has presences in the brick and mortar world, too. Fabletics has since day one been keeping a close eye on its vast and perpetually expanding customer base. It knows all too well that “the crowd” is responsible for its success. That’s the reason it lets the crowd essentially take charge of its future. The professionals who work for Fabletics are intelligent and intuitive people who have keen business senses. They understand fully that modern consumers are confident. They also know, however, that consumers in the modern age want “role models.” When consumers make the decision to purchase clothing, they want to feel 100 percent confident and at ease regarding their choices. That’s precisely why online reviews for clothing and access are always so important. Fabletics realizes more than ever just how valuable other peoples’ opinions are to contemporary consumers.


Fabletics is a brand that specializes in “athleisure” that’s modern, hip, fresh and timeless all at the same time. It’s also a brand that aims to be in line with its customer base. The people who represent Fabletics aim to exceed customers’ expectations at all times. That’s the reason they rely so much on Internet reviews. They take customer opinions extremely seriously. If a customer likes something about the fit of a pair of yoga pants, Fabletics will try to run with the positive feedback. If a customer makes any suggestions that pertain to the feel and style of a dress, Fabletics will try to run with the requested adjustments as well.


Kate Hudson is a widely known actress who has been making waves in Hollywood for years and years now. She’s the recipient of an Oscar nomination, too. Many people know her for her iconic role in the film “Almost Famous.” Hudson now is a lot more than an actress who is known for a great body of work, too. She’s also a highly respected businesswoman. She’s been part of Fabletics for several years. Fabletics’ founders thought that she would make a wonderful and appealing “face” for the brand. They were correct. Consumers often feel like they can connect with Hudson. They admire many things about her. Hudson, first and foremost, has a reputation for being quite an active and outdoorsy individual. People want to emulate her fast-paced and energetic lifestyle. They want to look attractive, polished and “put together” while they’re doing.


There’s no disputing that Hudson is a busy person with a rather chaotic weekly schedule. There’s also no disputing how seriously she takes her role with Fabletics. Hudson puts 100 percent into the design concepts she puts forth for the company. She’s constantly trying to come up with new, innovative and interesting design ideas that can advance the brand. Hudson is a hard-working designer who wants to do everything she can to help Fabletics change and enhance the athleisure world for good. Try the Lifestyle Quiz today!

Dr. David Samadi is the Laser Surgereon Producing Medically Beneficial Results

Gaining customers in the robotics industry takes a firm dedication toward delivering excellence every time a new solution is rolled out into the marketplace. Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. His career outlook is optimistic and he is focused on delivering positive results.Dr. David Samadi is a firm believer of the power of the internet, he’s become the forefront doctor that has connected internet based applications with the medical field. Through robotics and applying his knowledge Dr. Samadi is able to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of internet based surgery performances. Performing surgeries with laparoscopic technology Dr. David Samadi has demonstrated effective methods toward helping rid the world of prostate cancer.

Even as a young child Dr. Samadi recalled in an interview how he would imagine that he would one day invent some type of device for the medical industry. Merging robots into the formula made it all come together in his later years.Every challenge that Dr.David Samadi takes under his wing is met with a efficient process that ensures that job gets done. Finding the right method to what Dr. David Samadi sets out to accomplish is tackled early, because Dr. Samadi has a strict policy of getting up early and setting out to accomplish his goals. Dr. Samadi has an interesting background and heritage. He hails from the Persian Jewish community of Iran and has went on to become the Chief Medical Correspondent AM 970 NYC, a popular New York city radio station.

In 1994 Dr. Samadi earned his medical degree from S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook School of Medicine. 2012 and 2013 were both great years for Dr. Samadi. In 2012 Dr.David Samadi earned $7.6 million and was awarded the title of highest paid Doctor in New York City. In 2013 he was appointed Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi is also considered to be a celebrity doctor.Throughout his career Dr. Samadi has proven that he is willing to rise through the ranks and step a firm tone in motion. The firm tone clearly expresses that with every surgery and every lecture that in medicine you have to be fully prepared to do the job at hand. Dr. Samadi enjoys teaching new students and showing them the benefits of connecting laser surgery with medicine to get medically beneficial results.

The American Institute of Architect under Robert Ivy

The American Institutes of Architects sole purpose is creating scientific and practical perfections of its members while lifting the standard of the profession. The organization was founded in 1857 in New York and has its headquarters in Washington. The group offers professional services in community projects, education, government representation, and community development. Before the establishment, there was a problem in recognizing architects since there was no legislation governing architect.

The organization members adhere to the code of conducts that are set to make sure quality services provided. AIA has five levels of membership: Architect members, Associate members, International association members, Emeritus members, and Allied members.

Architect members are authorized to carry out architecture by the licensing body. Associate members are not licensed but work under a licensed architect. For one to be an associate member one, have earned a degree in architecture, member of a university faculty or an intern with credits to be licensed. International associate members must hold a license from a relevant authority outside the United States. Emeritus members must have served the American Institute Of Architects for more than 15 years and above 65 years of age. Allied members are people who receive recognition due to their reputation for building a community or executive members from building-related firms. The most prized honor is the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. The award is set aside for architects who have contributed to the public through Architecture.

American Institute of Architecture works with the federal government to raise the standard of design of the public property and developed housing. The institute offers intern programs and Architecture exams for the young professionals. The organization encourages environmental friendly designs. The designs led them to earn the Associations Advanced America Awards. The agency has also received a long list of awards from their work.

The organization announced Robert Ivy as the chief executive of the group. Robert holds other posts like the editor in chief of the architectural record and the vice president of the editorial director of McGraw hill construction. Robert has been an executive in the organization for more than a decade. Robert is committed to environmental issues affecting the built environment. In his position, he will work towards design and practical problems in the organization. He will voice AIA values of design and the public understanding of the craft. Robert experience and leadership skills will be valued assets in the group. Robert has a bachelor’s of arts from the University of South Tennessee and a second degree from Tulane University Louisiana and joined AIA fellows in 1993.