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As Argentina Reemerges

The year 2001 saw a slump period in the Argentinian economy. The problem was debt which seems to be a pattern among modern nations. The country held tightly to a default had of roughly $95 billion: the largest ever recorded.

Here’s where the Argentina government begins to turn the tables. It’s now the year 2016. The financial industry turns its eyes toward the country and its breaking news. The government announces its solution to surmounting debt.

It will manage it by issuing bonds to the public and under New York state law. The country expected to see the purchase of nearly $12 billion by last month in April 2016 alone. This return to the international markets come as bonds that will mature in five, 10 and 15 year policies.

The agenda is President Mauricio Marci’s who’s undergoing a swift maneuver for stabilizing his economy. That economy was hurt badly during Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s tenure in office. These events took Argentina out of the world market during 2001.

The largest financier pursuing the investment option is none other than James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management LP. The asset management firm announces it picking up a significant amount of bonds released by Argentina. The firm now manages $19 billion worldwide and has the resources to make its stake secure.

There is no shortage of cash in Highland Capital’s hands. But we don’t know how much its stake will be. It’s obvious that James Dondero is confident of the new venture by Argentinian President Mauricio Marci.

In fact, James is very optimistic.

The firm got its start as Highland Capital Management LP in the year 1993. Dondero co-founded the organization and now operates as President. He had already purchased Argentinian bonds back in 2014. An investment that shows better returns for the firm’s portfolio than did its energy sector holdings.

Highland saw a 20 percent return from those Argentinian bonds. When the competitive average was 3.3.

The forward drive by Dondero is apparent.

The Highland group sees this a great opportunity, and one not to fail. But as a distressed investor, Capital Management is not the only one prepared to exploit the release of more Argentinian bonds.

A big shift is surely underway worldwide.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: Technological and Business Leader Extraordinaire


Shaygan Kheradpir is an accomplished Iranian-American businessman who has had a successful career heading some of the biggest conglomerates in the fields of Finance and Technology. The electrical engineer, with a Cornell University PhD in the field, is Coriant’s current CEO. He has headed the Naperville, Illinois, based company since 2014. He formerly served on boards like YMCA (New York) and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Born in London in 1960, Shaygan grew up in Iran after his father moved the family back to his home country. However, in order to attend college, Shaygan moved to the United States of America and enrolled at Cornell University in New York. He studied electrical engineering. Today, he holds US citizenship.

After college, Shaygan joined GTE in the year 1987. He joined as an engineer and began work on the firm’s network routing systems. He eventually got a control and management job and headed software systems and eventually developed a national platform for network management. He subsequently got promoted until he became the CIO of the firm. In 2000, after a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE, he became Verizon’s president of the newly formed e-business division.

Kheradpir joined Barclays as COO in 2011. He joined the global banking conglomerate at its head offices in London, UK. He was later promoted to the CTO position. In 2014, he joined Verizon but left in the same year to join Merlin Equity Partners and later Coriant as CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant and the company’s board chair. He is a recognized leader in the fields of business and technology with a long career spanning over 28 years. His experience spans across fields like technology, financial services and telecommunications. He has held several top jobs in some of the biggest companies in their respective industries like Barclays (financial industry) and Coriant (technological and networking giant).

Shaygan was born in London, UK, but grew up in Iran.  He attended and acquired all his academic accolades from Cornell University. He studied electrical engineering and has a bachelor’s degree, a masters and a doctorate degree in the field. He currently sits on the National Institute of Standards and Technology board, chairs the board of Coriant and is a current member of Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

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Overview of Hedge Fund Assets Released By Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s industry overview on hedge funds just saw its fourth edition not too long ago. Contained within it is the performance for the financial year of 2015. Overall, 2015 did not turn out to be a good year for many firms in the hedge fund business. Madison Street Capital has released its predictions for the 2016 hedge fund M&A on hedgeweek.

Based upon the hedge fund overview published by Madison Street Capital, the firm announced closing deals on 42 hedge funds over the course of 2015, which is up from the 32 deals the company was able to close the previous year. Overall, performance lacked across most hedge strategies throughout the year, but transaction volume increased by roughly 27 percent. Despite this, late in 2015, there was a large boost of transactions that pushed hedge fund to an all time high. Because of this, hedge fund transactions for 2016 could break old records. The staff at Madison Capital believe they were able to identify and organize important drivers for deal progress in the future.

Even though market operations were down throughout 2015, reports have shown that assets among hedge funds are holding steady at an all time high in 2016. The number of investors from different associations has continued to increase as the need for new asset strategies grows in expectation of greater returns. The hedge fund markets have become a difficult place, especially for small companies, considering the heavy pressure on cheaper fees and higher operational costs for businesses.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company that does business internationally with locations in North America, Asia and Africa. Based in the United States, Madison Capital’s headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, where they provide top-notch financial advisement, along with financial restructuring, merger and acquisition advice, valuation services, and capital opinions.

The team of professionals at Madison Street Capital have a great deal of expertise and experience within the industry. They are able to build strong relationships that last with their clients because of their level of dedication and experience. The management at Madison Capital understand that each and every scenario requires careful and proper analysis as they are all different. As with all recommendations, Madison Street Capital gives the clients honest information and the steps needed to reach their goals.

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