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Ryan Seacrest: Hollywoods Busiest Person Who Has a Big Heart for Children

Ryan Seacrest is an American radio and television personality who became well-known for his hosting skills. He led several radio shows, as well as hosting the television reality show American Idol. He also produced the program for the Kardashians, which became a global phenomenon. Ryan Seacrest is dubbed as the busiest individual in Hollywood because he has a daily jam-packed scheduled that makes him engaged in several activities from morning to evening. He hired a secretary who will take note of his schedule, allowing him to maximize his time, and becoming more productive.

Every morning, Ryan Seacrest would have to wake up early and prepare for his morning radio show. He also needs to set aside an hour to exercise, and he believes that having a fit body is required if you wanted to succeed in life. Unhealthy lifestyle could end up making him sick, and he does not want it to happen because he would miss opportunities in earning more money. During the afternoon, he would need to go to another radio station to continue his hosting, and in several occasions, he would need to go to a television studio to tape episodes for reality television shows. He is also writing for several magazines and conducts interviews with celebrities. According to Ryan Seacrest, he can do all of these things because the studios and the sets are near each other. After a long and tiring day, he would record his schedule for the next day and assign it to his secretary who will be reminding him the next day.

Aside from his busy schedule in the world of radio and television broadcasting, Ryan Seacrest does not forget to give back to the community. Through his foundation, he can visit children who have terminal diseases inside different hospitals in California. He is also inviting celebrities to come with him, visiting children who are in pain. He would sometimes set up a small radio and television station inside these hospitals, entertaining the children using his skills in hosting. Ryan Seacrest has a big heart for children, and he stated that he would continue helping those who are under his foundation to give them a second chance in life.