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Squaw Valley Statement On Water Contamination Issues

In December, Squaw Valley issued a statement to let the public know they were diligently working on the issues they encountered with their water system. In October, the area received exceptionally heavy rains that affected numerous water systems in Placer County. Squaw Valley had recently upgraded the water system over the summer and the inundation of water from the rain resulted in contamination of both E. coli and coliform of that particular water system. According to Wesley Nicks, Placer County Environmental Health director, three out of the four wells in the upper mountain still show low levels of coliform, but no E. coli.

Through routine testing, the issue was immediately detected and reported to Placer County Environmental Health as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Squaw Valley also called in water safety experts to consult on how to deal with the water issue. Squaw Valley has followed all their advice, and is still working with them to solve the issue and keep the public safe. At no point did the contamination enter any public water supplies, it only affected Squaw Valley.

Due to the contamination, Squaw Valley took immediate steps to protect all their guests. The restaurants at the upper mountain were closed, and skiers were not allowed to drink any water. Skiing was still open at the famed resort and bottled water was included free for all guests of the resort.

Squaw Valley takes the safety of their guests quite seriously and are working carefully to not only resolve the water issue but to protect the public and their health. Squaw Valley has also publicly thanked both Placer County and Squaw Valley Public Service District for their help and cooperation during this time.