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The Amazing and Continued Success of Eric Lefkofsky

When you read about incredible start-ups, you are bound to hear the name Groupon. This company skyrocketed to success in a very short period of time. Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of this start-up, turned himself into a household name in the world of entrepreneurship due to the massive success of this business. With nearly a 2 billion dollar net worth, Lefkofsky is one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world. His net worth continues to grow with his role as a pivotal venture capitalist. The future looks very bright for Lefkofsky as he continues to be hailed as a leader in the world of business.

The tech industry wouldn’t be the same without Lefkofsky. However, the rise to success wasn’t as glamorous as many would think. Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial endeavors by selling carpet during his college years. Once Lefkofsky graduated from law school, he decided that he would like to buy an apparel company instead of practicing law. Brandon Apparel gave Eric Lefkosfsky the capital he would need to succeed in his tech startups.

Starbelly was the first online endeavor in which Lefkosfsky found success. This online business focused mainly on promotional products. Starbelly was a part of the dot com boom which helped many online businesses to see massive growth in a short period of time. Due to this massive growth, Starbelly was purchased by Halo only a short period of time later.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky really showed his impact in the world of digital media and technology when he started MediaBank. This company helped advertising buyers with the software they need to succeed in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace.

The Point was when Lefkofsky was ready to make history. We all known The Point as what it is called today, Groupon. In early stages of funding, Groupon raised $30 million in funding. Just one year later, another $135 million dollars of funding was secured for this rapidly growing company. That same year, Groupon was valued at $1.35 billion, making it the fastest growing company in history.

Lefkofksy has used his success to give back to the community. The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped to contribute to over 50 charitable organizations. Lefkosfsky has been very heavily involved with charitable giving in the Chicago area. Lefkofsky has recently stated, “We recognize that perhaps our greatest accomplishment, with the exception of the kids we raise,will not come from businesses we’ve started but from the help we provide to people and causes around the world.”

When we look at someone like Donald Trump who has used his billions to turn himself into a massive celebrity who became president, it is refreshing to see the contrast in someone like Lefkofky who has similar amounts of money. If it were his desire, Lefkofsky could use his billions to become one of the biggest celebrities in the world. However, when you take a look at his social media presence, you can see that Lefkofsky isn’t too concerned with showing off his wealth or accomplishments. Lefkowsky only has just over 6,000 Twitter followers. He does not even have an Instagram page or Facebook page, either. It is very nice to see a softspoken and generous billioinare in the world when we are faced with so many in this world who are much more flamboyant regarding their riches.

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