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OSI Group Doubles Chicken Production In Spain During Expansion Efforts

As a leader in the food industry around the globe, OSI Group is dedicated to bringing quality to their customers while meeting their demand for supply. In order to meet this demand, they are using evolving technology and increased production capabilities through expansion of their facilities through the world. Over the last 2 years, the industry has had an impressive increase in demand for chicken products that OSI wants to fulfill.

One of the regions that OSI Group serves that has seen considerably higher demand for chicken is Spain, and this demand is expected to continue to increase in the foreseeable future. In order to address these needs, they expanded one of their existing facilities in Toledo, Spain to handle the new products being produced. After the expansion, this plant is able to handle the processing of 24,000 tons of chicken. With the inclusion of their beef and pork division, this facility alone will be responsible for producing 45,000 of protein products.

The expansion of the OSI Group facility in Toledo includes 22,600 new square feet that are dedicated to not only production but efforts like product development as well. The expansion includes a state of the art test kitchen that will allow the company to expand upon the product base while improving their current products. 20 new jobs were also created by this expansion that will bring the workforce to around 160 people for this plant alone.

OSI Group first created a presence in Europe due to a partnership with McDonald’s. They had already secured their place as one of the company’s most trusted suppliers in the United States before opening up plants dedicated to supplying their growth in the international market. Throughout the years, they have made sure that they are able to provide their clients with the products that they have come to expect from them while meeting any new demands. After being founded in 1909, OSI Group expanded from a butcher shop in Chicago that moved on to sell wholesale to serving multinational corporations. They have been growing for years and this boom looks good for the future of OSI Group.

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OSI Industries succeeds under Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin serves as the current chairman of the OSI Industries. The company’s headquarters is located in Illinois, but it has also expanded to other countries. The company deals mainly with meat products, and it is one of the most outstanding companies when it comes to the meat processing industries. It has been in the industry for over four decades, and all that time it has been providing excellent services to its customers. It is led by Lavin who is a skilled accountant and financial advisor having a degree in accounting and finance. He has also worked in the banking sector hence he is the best to lead the company.

He joined the OSI Industries when it was a small company in 1970. That time it was called Otto & Sons but later changed to OSI. He joined the company with the aim of assisting it with funding, but he joined as a shareholder. Within a few years, he became interested in the activities of the company, and he sought to be a partner. He has since helped the company to expand to other countries apart from the United States.


OSI Industries came up with an expansion strategy in the 1970s. It set up operations in North America and Europe to capture the international market. In the 1980s Sheldon became controlling the company fully because of the retirement of the other partner. Being the leader, he was visionary and wanted to expand the company. Today he has achieved it, and OSI Industries has become a global leader in the meat processing business.

Sheldon used a strategy that has enabled the company y to expand to various parts of the world like South Africa, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan among others. Today it has become one of the most known companies in the meat industry. It is now operating in more than seventeen countries under the guidance of the CEO Sheldon Lavin. During a recent interview, Sheldon talks of his vision to expand OSI Industries. He wants it to become the top company in the processing industry. He encourages the employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit and work hard.