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Quick Relief For Babies With Hyland’s Teething Tablets

For a baby, everything in life is a new and exciting adventure, as well as an opportunity to learn. Babies must learn all the key skills of life early on, like crawling and then standing up and then learning to walk. A baby’s ability to speak and master language develops at this time, too, along with the hard-won knowledge that life can be not only joyful but also painful, too.

The Pain of Teething

One of the biggest challenges early on in a baby’s life is the pain of new teeth coming in. Teething pain can have a severe impact on a baby’s life, which also impacts the little one’s family, too. During the time that teething pain is the worst, a baby will start and end the day with high-pitched screams, all of which can make for stressful moments in the family. All of this is why it’s so important to have a safe and natural treatment to ease the difficulty of teething pain, like Hyland’s Teething Tablets.

A Company Known For Quality Products

The Hyland’s Company specializes in creating safe and gentle homeopathic cures for a variety of ailments, including teething pain. These easy to take tablets dissolve quickly in the mouth, and bring fast relief to a baby’s discomfort. These tablets have no harmful or artificial ingredients and they contain no parabens or Benzocaine. The relief a parent feels after the calming effects of Hyland’s Teething Tablets take effect is huge, which is why so many families rely on this easy to use cure.

The Hyland’s company was first created in Los Angeles a century ago by a group of dedicated doctors and it’s been relieving all kinds of ailments ever since. No wonder so many families rely on Hyland’s for relief that is safe, gentle and natural. If your baby is suffering from the pain of teething, be sure bring on the Hyland’s Teething Tablets right away. Buy here

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Gets Excited About New Medical Technology

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is glad to see things improve where knee replacement surgeries and other similar surgeries are concerned. He is happy about the use of technology in those surgeries because he knows that patients will be able to recover better when they get the surgery done with it. The Mercy Medical Center has started doing surgeries using robotic technology, and that allows for smaller incisions to be made and less of a risk to be made through the surgery overall.

Those who get robotic surgeries done are able to recover quickly because the technology allows for accuracy. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum believes that the way that they use a CT scan and create a 3D model before surgery is very advanced and is a great thing. He believes that there are going to need to be many knee replacement surgeries done in the upcoming years and that robotic technology will be a big part of them. A surgeon is still needed when this technology is used, but they are able to guide the robotic-arm to do what they need it to do. And, they are able to quickly remove the old knee, or whatever it is that they are working on, and get the replacement put in because of the robotic arm.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has worked in many places and in many positions during his career, including eight years at his own practice. He also worked for WebMD as a writer, and he is currently working for the Bronxcare Health System. And he is also the chief medical officer of another organization, DTC Health Com. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is focused on what he is doing with his career and gets excited about new technology because he is always looking for ways to make patients’ lives better. He attended Brown University.

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Why InnovaCare Health is one of the best places to work in America

With a robust jobs market, many people are looking for new jobs. As a result, numerous companies struggle to keep employees happy. At one time, InnovaCare Health had a high employee turnover rate. Employee turnover costs companies money in multiple ways. Not only does it cost money to replace an employee, but the company loses productivity while a position is open.

InnovaCare Health is a value-based company in the healthcare industry. With all of the changes taking place in the medical field, companies must be aggressive in pursuing qualified employees. The leadership team at the company is one of the strongest in the industry. Many of the company’s leaders have won awards in recent years.

Salary Changes

The leadership team at InnovaCare Health decided to make drastic changes to how employees get compensated. In the past, many employees at the company felt underpaid. Rick Shinto is the current CEO of the company. He has decades of experience working as a medical doctor. Through his experience, he understands the importance of hiring quality employees. He proposed increasing the salaries of all employees by five percent. He also decided to offer a performance bonus for all employees. If InnovaCare Health hits certain financial thresholds, the company will pay a substantial bonus to all employees. At many companies, only executives receive monetary compensation when the company hits financial goals.

New Benefits

With costs increasing in the healthcare industry, many employees feel like their company does not provide enough healthcare benefits. Rick also decided to improve the InnovaCare Health insurance options for employees. These changes improved the quality of coverage offered to employees. As a bonus, the monthly cost of health insurance through the company dropped.

Other Goals

With the success of InnovaCare Health, Rick believes that the company has a bright future in the coming years. He has numerous ideas to increase sales and decrease expenses. He thinks that preventative medicine is one of the best ways that customers can reduce their healthcare expenses. He plans to offer various products and services designed to help people reduce future medical costs.

Services Offered by Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company that offers services to the old who deserve specialized elderly care, medical attention to old related issues and young adults with neurological disorders. In the facilities, the residents enjoy various activities customized by the trained staff depending on medical care for each resident. The caregivers assign and supervise the activities in the company’s well-equipped gyms. Sussex provides physiotherapy services, treatments linked with hydrotherapy, dementia conditions, Alzheimer, and other old age-related conditions. The company employs skilled caregivers and assistants ready to serve the residents to ensure proper care. The general assistants are liable to guide the residents in the gym, customize treatments, offer any other medical care required and attend to all questions raised by the residents. Read more on

The managers and teachers train each caregiver recruited at Sussex Healthcare in the company’s training school. The training ensures the caregivers are conversant with the company’s policy. The nurses seeking employment in the company must be registered and ready to offer custom care. Their duties include providing medications to the residents, monitoring their health, help in lowering symptoms of a particular ailment, and study how the patients respond to treatment. Additionally, the nurses can recommend the exercises that the patients will carry out in the gym. Sussex Healthcare seeks to employ managers of high integrity because the duties of a manager are to oversee the whole facility. The other role of the manager is to monitor monthly treatment procedures, to study the company’s guidelines making sure they are followed to letter and to train the new caregivers. The managers also outline the daily duties that each assistant is supposed to fulfill.

Sussex Healthcare caters for residents who have multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, and spinal cord issues like lesions and PMLDs, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. The company’s specialized staff assist the residents suffering from nervous tissues and helps in lowering symptoms arising from severe injuries. The activities assigned to residents with dementia help in improving memory by developing custom crafts and describing many memories. Those who attend the physiotherapy sessions experience enhanced flexibility, reduction in soreness, and enhanced individual health. Visit


The Innovative Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Inc. is a company based in North America, and its main aim is to provided services related to healthcare in Puerto Rico. This company has been providing healthcare to patients for the last 120 years, hears they have great experience in this field. InnovaCare leads in providing innovative healthcare. So what could be their secret to attaining this success?

Owing to their long experience in the medical field they have very experienced staff members who can handle everything that pertains their field. Their team is comprised of experts in this medical field and hence acts as an assurance to their partners that the job will be done perfectly. One of these staff is the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides who is a transformative leader.

Penelope has been in the Medicaid field for more than twenty years taking a closer interest in running the government programs. So what is her story of success? Penelope undertook her Bachelor’s Degree in Classical languages and Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, and she graduated with honors. She later proceeded to take her Masters degree in Social work at New York University and another Master’s degree in Public Health at Columbia University. Still, she went ahead to acquire a post-master’s program in alcohol and substance abuse. She also received a Masters for disease management and care management services. Kokkinides is a pace setter through her many achievements at school.

She has worked in several companies in her 20 years in the medical field. Since 2008 she was the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health. She later proceeded to Aveta Inc. where she was the Chief Operating Officer between 2006 to 2012. She rejoined InnovaCare Inc. and climbed the ladder of leadership to become the Chief Administrative Officer since 2016. Penelope is an ideal example of an ambitious and focused woman. She has continuously done exemplary work wherever she has served.

Her main strategy to this success has been getting organized and structuring her tasks. This helps her to prioritize the most critical tasks. She also takes her time in studying market trends by keeping up with the news. Her transformative leadership has been appreciated outside InnoveCare. On March 22, she was among the eight women in a roundtable meeting in White House which a was hosted by President Donald Trump and attended by CMS Administrator Seema Verma. Is a role model to many in the healthcare field.


Penelope Kokkinides and InnovaCare — Inside a Day in the Life

InnovaCare Health is a privately held healthcare organization located in Fort Lee, NJ. They were founded in 1998 by the president and CEO Richard Shinto, MD. In 1998 he partnered with North American Medical Management, and in 2003 he collaborated with the Strauss Group. In December of 2012, he formed InnovaCare Health.


Since then, InnovaCare has achieved a vast amount of success.


Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He has been the CEO of other health organizations since 2008 so he has a long record of experience in the health care field. He started his career more than 20 years ago and has benefited from his other experiences along the way. He started by doing clinical and operational health care. Before his time as CEO, he served as CEO and Vice President at various other health care organizations.


Penelope Kokkinides is serving as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health and she is doing an excellent job at performing her duty of making decisions. Her 20 years in the health care field have helped her make the correct adjustments the company needed to continue to thrive. The clinical knowledge she has gained in her lifetime have given her the keen ability to create clinical health care programs and governmental programs. She has developed extensive health care models for other companies and the programs she has put into place are always successful. Penelope Kokkinides earned her BA from Binghampton University in Biology and Classical Languages. She obtained multiple Master’s degrees from New York and has made the health care profession her life’s work.


In an interview with Ideamensch, she revealed what an average day looks like for her and it involves much planning and thinking. Every day is different, so she is very adaptable. During her rushed schedule and many travels, she maintains her focus and productivity and gets as much done as possible in any given day. She says that she could not live without her portable chargers. This is because she is constantly using her cell phone and tablet. They are important tools for her work and she use them when planning her days. There will often be day where 3-5 appointments have to be set and made so she will receive emergency calls about projects and deadlines. She maintains her focus through all of it by keeping her serenity intact.


Penelope Kokkinides is able to bring her ideas to life thanks to the great team at InnovaCare. They work together to make the best things in health care possible.


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