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Thor Halvorssen is a Leading Human Rights Leader

The name Thor Halvorssen may not be well-known to the public, but the CEO/founder of Human Rights Foundation is famous in the political and film industry. Human rights became a passionate subject for the Venezuela native at a very early age. After moving to the United States, Halvorssen began his journey to becoming a human rights advocate.

In 2004, Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation. Through the organization’s work, they help establish freedom and rights to all people. The foundation has created many programs to help spread their message. For instance, their Third Country Outreach program assists with human rights groups in other countries. While the Center for Law and Democracy spreads the word about the laws of people’s rights. Aside from their programs, the Human Rights Foundation hosts numerous conferences, events, and campaigns to inspire others with their message.

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is considered a political activist. He’s been involved with many campaigns over the years to help free political prisoners in China, Venezuela, and Cuba. He’s even spoken out against dictators and their harsh treatment of the citizens of their country. Halvorssen’s advocacy has led him to speak at many places including: Harvard Law School and the British Parliament.

Aside from his human rights advocacy, Halvorssen is also a pioneer in the film industry. Since 2006, he’s served as producer for 10 films. Most of Halvorssen’s films are documentaries revolving around the subject of civil rights and politics. His popular films include: Freedom’s Fury, The Sugar Babies, and 2081. Halvorseen’s next film, Halo Stars is scheduled to be released this year.

Between his foundation and his films, Thor Halvorssen continues to spread awareness about human rights. As the need for awareness grow, Halvorssen will not stop campaigning for those in need.