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How Daniel Taub Helped Increase Trade Between Israel and the United Kingdom

Having a good trade relationship between two nations is critical. And one former Ambassador has helped increase trade between Israel and the United Kingdom. That former Ambassador, Daniel Taub, is credited with bringing the two nations closer than ever when it comes to trade.

According to a recent article, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom nearly doubled under Daniel Taub’s ambassadorship. The relationship has also helped over 300 Israeli companies establish a corporate presence in the United Kingdom. According to British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills Sajid Javid, the increase in trade between the two nations has entered a “golden era.”

For decades, Israel and the United Kingdom has some form of trade between each other. Before Ambassador Taub took his post, the trade between Israel and the United Kingdom was about $3 billion dollars. Four years later, when the Ambassador stepped down from his position, the trade between the two nations rose to almost $7 billion dollars.

The increase in trade did not come without some challenges. In 2012, some college students attempted to launch a boycott of Israeli’s goods in the United Kingdom. Ambassador Taub worked hard to fight the boycott. The result was that the attempted boycott had little to no impact on the trade between the two nations.

So why is trade so important? Trade between two nations can help each other’s economic impact. In fact, if two nations do not have a trading relationship, it is quite possible that the nations could become adversaries.

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom. However, Ambassador Taub long had an affinity for the State of Israel. After completing college in the United Kingdom and the United States, Ambassador Taub enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Taub’s duty at the IDF placed him in the international law division. After completing his active duty, Taub remained as a reserve officer with the IDF.

Taub began his diplomatic career with Israel’s foreign ministry in 1991. He held many positions while at the foreign ministry including work in the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

After two decades in the foreign ministry, Daniel Taub was named the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011. He would remain in that post until September 2015. Today, former Ambassador Taub writes in various media outlets in the United Kingdom and the United States.