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Jeremy Goldstein: Advising Big-Name Clients

Jeremy Goldstein is a top attorney in New York. He’s one of the best executive compensation and corporate governance lawyer in the country. He’s been mentioned on several top attorneys list by numerous legal publications. He’s even a member of a prestigious law journal in New York.

Jeremy Goldstein’s also a small-time philanthropist. He’s still actively working, so he’s not all over the philanthropy world, but he’s prepared to make the switch. Currently, he works mostly with Fountain House, a charity that focuses on the recovery of men and women with mental illness. This is something that’s very near and dear to Jeremy Goldstein’s heart.

Now, Jeremy Goldstein spends most of his time advising corporations on employee benefits. It’s a really hot topic now since a lot of corporations decided to stop offering stock options. For many years, stock options were the only kind of employee benefit that corporations seriously offered.

Recently changes in people’s lives have made stocks options less relevant. Despite all the negativity surrounding stock options, Jeremy Goldstein suggests that corporations start offering them again. It’s a tough argument to make, but Jeremy Goldstein’s actually convincing a lot of people to rethink stock options as a benefit.

The main problem corporations have with stock options is that don’t always work out. In truth, Jeremy Goldstein hasn’t that away, but he has made a strong argument for keeping them around. Yes, stock options can drop in value, effectively making them worthless; and therefore, useless and wanted.

However, there are plenty of reasons to reintroduce stock options as the primary method of compensation. Stock options, unlike higher salaries or better insurance coverage, are easy for everyone to understand. It’s easier for people to see an equivalent value among each other. Other forms of benefits can be harder to explain.

Another huge bonus is having employees be personally invested in the company’s success. Stock options are more based on the company’s performance. The more successful the company is; the more valuable to stock is. Employees may work harder to satisfy customers and introduce innovative techniques to attract more customers.

Jeremy Goldstein suggests corporations take a look at “knockout” stock options. Basically, this type of option comes with the benefits of stock options with none of the disadvantages. Learn more: