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Rocketship Education Program Targets Low Income Students

Rocketship Education is a non-profit body that comprises of public elementary charter schools in its network. Rocketship Education mainly serves low-income students particularly in neighborhood where excellent schools have limited access. Transformative schools at Rocketship not only educate students but also inspire teachers, inspire the community and engage parents in its programs.

The main headquarter of Rocketship Education is found in Redwood City, California. Rocketship Education was first established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007. Students under this program are mainly taught using a learning model blended with the aid of adaptive softwares to enhance students’ performance. Sixteen chartered schools from San José, Concord California, Redwood City, Nashville, Washington D.C and Milwaukie are now enrolled under Rocketship Education program.

Rocketship Education has attracted high student population and other generous high-tech funding to aid in their success. Various elementary schools based in San José attracted national attention when their students improved from poor to middle particularly in Math and English. Similarly aspire public school attained a proficiency score of 48% in English. The performance is desirable area continues to near the highest targets.

Over 87% of the students comes from low-income families. It is important to note that over 46% of these students overwhelmingly exceeded math standards in comparison with 22% from statewide.

Stronger scores were equally realized at KIPP charter school in the bay. Over 75% of the students at KIPP San José collegiate high school performed above standards. The management at Rocketship Education is progressively committed to make sure even better results are ultimately realized irrespective of the challenges facing their students.

The excellent teaching staff and leadership at Rocketship Education have both contributed to several transformations in different chartered schools. Rocketship Education is keen at improving the skills of its students and the community. Teacher innovations are highly encouraged at Rocketship Education as this sparkles creativity in classrooms. Diversity among students, parents and the community is another cause that is fully catered for at Rocketship. Students receive both formal and informal education holistically. Finally, students receive more trainings through mastery of art.