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Marc Sparks Helps Find Business Talent

Being in business was not a decision that came easy to me. I am someone who has been involved in multiple careers. My first love was health care but then I had kids quickly and decided that I needed to stay home and be with them. This decision was not made lightly.

When they went back to school, I wanted to go back to work. But I wasn’t sure where to begin. When I heard about someone who could help me make such decisions, I was happy to work with him. That someone was Pittsburgh entrepreneur Marc Sparks.

Finding The Right Help

I had many ideas about the kind of business I might decide to start. But deciding where to begin at all. A friend told me about Marc Sparks. I’ve been following his career for several years. As someone who loves to learn about people and their hard work they do, I was instantly attracted to his idealism and his obvious love of people.

I knew that working with him would be great. I also knew that he was obviously someone I could find help from as he was so clearly a caring and thoughtful person. He has been in the Pittsburgh area for many years, as part of our community.

A Vibrant Local Community

As I looked around the area, I realized that I could find company and help. Marc Sparks has started Spark Tank. This is a regionally based endeavor that offers help to people like me who may have a basic background in the field but aren’t quite sure where we should start.

According to, Marc Sparks has a roster of experts at Spark Tank, all of them with a great many years of experience and a desire to help people like me who need access to such assistance to reach our goals in life.

Maximizing Success

At Spark Tank, the goal is to look for ways to help maximize success. You get intensive sessions that are devoted to the needs of your business. I learned about concepts I had not known before such as tactical marketing efforts and all kinds of methods of communications. I found everyone here to be so helpful.

They are such caring people. Thanks to his help and the help of his staffers, I was able to gain the kind of push I needed to start my own business and feel confident about it.

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