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Wild Ark delivers “eco-tainment” for everyone!

Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but for the environmentally conscious traveler, it isn’t enough to simply find some new place to be a consumer. They might be looking for something that provides a degree of personal enrichment, or even a chance to make a difference. That’s where a company like Wild Ark comes in.


Wild Ark isn’t just some travel agency. It was founded by actual conservationists who share a passion for protecting the biodiversity found across the globe, and they are dedicated to taking people on journeys of ecological edutainment! Wild ark offers eco-conscious opportunities for rest and relaxation as well as full on courses for the aspiring naturalist.


One of the more relaxing travel destinations that Wild Ark offers is the “Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge”. With no set schedule, you are given unlimited time for guided fly fishing over the course of two and a half days, four and a half days, or even a full week. There’s no need to worry about what kind of gear to pack. Everything is provided, including fishing equipment, fishing guides, accommodations, and even meals. Whether you are a novice to fly fishing, or a seasoned veteran, you are sure to enjoy this memorable experience on the Kvichak River.


If you are looking for a more intense learning experience, then you might want to try Wild Ark’s “EcoTracker” course. This trip is actually administered by an organization called “EcoTraining”. They are Wild Ark’s training partner. “EcoTracker” is all about learning the skills required for tracking animals in the wild, and it provides real hands on experience in South Africa and Botswana. This particular course is offered in both 7 day, and 14 day options.


Wild Ark offers up a variety of unique travel destinations, and every expedition contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem being visited. They are an ideal choice when it comes to the travel needs of those individuals for whom an eco-conscious adventure beckons!


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