Chris Burch: Beyond The Mold Of The Typical Entrepreneur


In a recent interview with Lauren Holmes of Elite Traveler, Chris Burch, Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital and billionaire entrepreneur discusses a new venture in Indonesia. Chris Burch and James McBride have been co-owners of Nihi Sumba Island since 2012. While this spot was once simply known as a remote surfing spot, now that this pair of accomplished gentlemen have taken over they have achieved the highly sought after distinguished award of best hotel in the world.

The business project which Chris Burch is most widely known is his joint venture with his now ex-wife: fashion brand Tory Burch. Most recently, he partnered with television talk show star Ellen DeGeneres to assist in the launch of her lifestyle brand known as ED. Additionally, Burch is known as the force propelling Voss water, Jawbone, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe. More exclusive info here on (

Chris Burch regularly accepts offers to serve as a guest speaker at the world-renowned Harvard Business School. He credits his success in business to empathy above all other factors. He uses his life experiences to guide him toward a deeper understanding of those around him. He also harbors no jealousy of others and finds that one of his greatest sources of joy is found in watching those around him succeed.

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Admirably, when asked if he would include philanthropic efforts of some sort in each of his business dealings, Chris Burch’s response addressed his need for philanthropy to be genuine. He cites examples of other businesses over-exploiting so-called philanthropy simply to sell more products and it is clear that it goes against the ethical standards to which he holds himself and his business dealings. As he elaborates on this topic it is clear that it is something which he has deeply considered. Burch sets the perimeters for purposeful philanthropy in a business dealing as something which truly comes from the heart and is capable of changing people’s lives without intruding upon their society. Explore more details here on