ClassDojo’s Popularity is on the Rise and the Company is Significantly Growing

ClassDojo is an education app that is growing by leaps and bounds. The app was founded in 2011 by two former teachers and entrepreneurs named Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. ClassDojo was created to help teachers to maintain order in the classroom.

The app works off of the premise that students do better when they are given positive feedback instead of criticism. Apparently, Don and Chaudhary got it right because a lot of teachers and parents are satisfied with how the app works.

So, how does ClassDojo work? Well, this application can be downloaded from an app store. It appears on the major platforms such as Google Play, The Apple Store and the Microsoft Store. After a person downloads the app, they can then set up their profile to send and receive information from other ClassDojo users.

Parents can use the app to communicate with teachers. To have meetings throughout the day and to monitor their child’s progress while they are in the classroom. Teachers find the ClassDojo application favorable because they can use it to send pictures about students, upload videos of a child’s behavior or send texts back forth with parents. The app even makes parent/teacher conferences a lot easier. This is a great plus for many educators because they often complain about the lack of parental involvement in their child’s lives.

At least 500,000 people download ClassDojo every day. Currently, there are close to 10 million users to date. The company makes it revenue from the app by offering specialized and advance services such as a customized yearbook, specific lessons for various subjects and homework plans for students. Remember, the content that is being offered on this app can be adjusted for grade levels K to 12. This way, the content is being directed at the group of people that it was created for.

The app is becoming so popular that it has received additional funding which will allow the app to grow. The creators of ClassDojo will now be able to use their additional funding to improve the usability of the app, to add more services and to increase advertising. Once ClassDojo really catches on; many educators, students and parents will probably enjoy the results that this great app provides.


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