End Citizens United On Upward Trajectory

End Citizens United, or ECU, has been around since 2015 working hard to fight back against the United States Supreme Court decision that laid a precarious premise that corporations are people. Since its inception the political action committee has had many battles, and now in 2017 the Trump election has its own fair share of fuel for the fire. The organization is quite worried about the recent Times press release which confirms that Russia paid for digital ads to help influence the election towards a candidate of its favor.


Tiffany Muller is the president and executive director at End Citizens United and she specifically stated that it just underscores how vulnerable the election process is given the flimsy campaign laws. It is precisely these laws that the PAC has been working to dismantle, but unfortunately not enough progress has been made as emphasized by the latest press releases. There are so many loopholes that are simply so huge that those who would use them to undermine the United States election process by giving millions and anonymously at that simply cannot be tracked. Now is the time, she says, to join in with the cause to reform the laws before there is no chance left at all.


So far the PAC of End Citizens United has raised a significant amount of money of their own to help fight against the injustices that they see everywhere in the past year’s election cycle. Already there has been $4 million raised with the projection that this will be an even more sizable figure, $35 million, in time for the midterm elections which could possibly be one of the final chances to make a difference before the nation sinks to far into the corporate agendas and business wishlists that have kept true freedom from settling in.


This, if it turns out to be true, would certainly be an improvement over the $25 million which was gathered for their first election cycle in operation that was 2016. The number of donors is up to about 100,000 out of which only 40,000 of them are repeat donors which shows that End Citizens United is certainly making their name known to others with similar mindsets and causes close to their hearts. If the numbers continue on such an upward trajectory then it may be close time for those corporations who have gotten away with so much for so long to watch out.