Fabletics Knows How to Work the Crowd

Fabletics is a modern clothing business that’s more than aware of the massive strength the Internet brings to the table. It’s a smart online retailer that has presences in the brick and mortar world, too. Fabletics has since day one been keeping a close eye on its vast and perpetually expanding customer base. It knows all too well that “the crowd” is responsible for its success. That’s the reason it lets the crowd essentially take charge of its future. The professionals who work for Fabletics are intelligent and intuitive people who have keen business senses. They understand fully that modern consumers are confident. They also know, however, that consumers in the modern age want “role models.” When consumers make the decision to purchase clothing, they want to feel 100 percent confident and at ease regarding their choices. That’s precisely why online reviews for clothing and access are always so important. Fabletics realizes more than ever just how valuable other peoples’ opinions are to contemporary consumers.


Fabletics is a brand that specializes in “athleisure” that’s modern, hip, fresh and timeless all at the same time. It’s also a brand that aims to be in line with its customer base. The people who represent Fabletics aim to exceed customers’ expectations at all times. That’s the reason they rely so much on Internet reviews. They take customer opinions extremely seriously. If a customer likes something about the fit of a pair of yoga pants, Fabletics will try to run with the positive feedback. If a customer makes any suggestions that pertain to the feel and style of a dress, Fabletics will try to run with the requested adjustments as well.


Kate Hudson is a widely known actress who has been making waves in Hollywood for years and years now. She’s the recipient of an Oscar nomination, too. Many people know her for her iconic role in the film “Almost Famous.” Hudson now is a lot more than an actress who is known for a great body of work, too. She’s also a highly respected businesswoman. She’s been part of Fabletics for several years. Fabletics’ founders thought that she would make a wonderful and appealing “face” for the brand. They were correct. Consumers often feel like they can connect with Hudson. They admire many things about her. Hudson, first and foremost, has a reputation for being quite an active and outdoorsy individual. People want to emulate her fast-paced and energetic lifestyle. They want to look attractive, polished and “put together” while they’re doing.


There’s no disputing that Hudson is a busy person with a rather chaotic weekly schedule. There’s also no disputing how seriously she takes her role with Fabletics. Hudson puts 100 percent into the design concepts she puts forth for the company. She’s constantly trying to come up with new, innovative and interesting design ideas that can advance the brand. Hudson is a hard-working designer who wants to do everything she can to help Fabletics change and enhance the athleisure world for good. Try the Lifestyle Quiz today!