George Soros’ Take on the Political Situation in Ukraine

Billionaire investor and philanthropist, George Soros, reveals his political views on the European Union and what should be done to help the new Ukraine that emerged in 2014. According to Soros, the EU has become efficient at juggling one crisis after another without really dealing with the real issue behind these crises. This has created a situation whereby these crises come back to haunt the union in future. As of 2015, the EU faced 5 major crises; the euro, migration, the Greek economic crisis, the British referendum and the situation in Ukraine.

Although all five crises cannot be dealt with at once, at least not decisively, George Soros holds the view that the Ukrainian situation should be given top priority. This is despite the fact that Ukraine is not a part of the European Union. However, it presents a perfect situation to resist the continued Russian aggression in Ukraine and deal the nuclear power a huge international blow. In addition, it allows the EU to uphold its initial values and spirit of solidarity envisioned during its formation.

Soros feels that he is deeply invested in the affairs of the new Ukraine through his Ukrainian Foundation and personal involvement in the country. This led him to develop a new winning strategy for the country and circulate it throughout Europe. According to the businessman, Russian sanctions are necessary but not enough. This is because the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, could easily argue that all the Russian woes are borne out of these sanctions. This increases his favor in Russia. Therefore, the only way to beat Putin and his political ideas is by effectively proving him wrong.

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How to Effectively Aid Ukraine

Soros advocates for the continued financial support of Ukraine. This would allow the country effectively resist the Russian onslaught on every level be it military, political or economic. Empowering Ukraine would allow it to sustain itself and its new radical reforms that have introduced democracy, political inclusion of the citizens in all decision making processes and economic reforms. It also allows the country to introduce independent and honest media and judiciary systems.

The fact that Putin is willing to start a large-scale war over Ukraine has given him power and tactical advantage to dictate his will over the sovereign state. This is because the western allies are unwilling to start any direct military conflict with the nuclear power. For Ukraine to succeed, the west must be willing to provide the country with enough economic support while at the same time impose heavy restrictions on Russia. They must also abolish the Minsk agreement.

Although Ukraine cannot immediately regain its territorial integrity, it can still uphold its political and moral integrity. The fact that it is willing to take radical political and economic reforms should be enough to warrant help from the international community. With help from the EU, Ukraine could be a beacon of hope in a largely socialist region. The EU should not repeat the same economic mistakes it did when handling the Greek economic crisis.

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  • Noemi Derek

    December 19, 2017

    Concerns all over the world especially in the later part of 2016 and the last year shows that George Soros has well insight into the matter. Although survey of the challenges that are inherent in political matters still allow for various opinions. Making sure that the European Union help to find a lasting solution is what is on the mind of many analyst of the crises as it looms.

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