Gustavo Martinez: Excellence in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

Gustavo Martinez is an individual who is well known in the world of marketing and advertising. Gustavo has about four decades worth of extensive experience under his belt and he has worked with the biggest brands like J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Henkel and Price Waterhouse, Ogilvy and Mather, and McCann World group.

Gustavo Martinez puts a lot of importance in developing creativity. It is one thing to be born with creativity, but it is another thing to do exercises to develop your creativity. Having a solid creative foundation is critical in creating great marketing campaigns that are effective and understandable for their masses and niche market.

All marketing campaigns begin with a good strategy and while these strategies serve as your vehicles of conversation, the big ideas that come with them are your drivers of conversation, which is the bigger challenge.

Anyone can come up with a strategy or an idea, but to deliver them to your market in a way that drives conversation is where creativity comes to play. Creativity in marketing is the ability to get any message across in an impactful way.

Remember that there’s a difference between saying the right thing and making people believe it’s the right thing. Without putting creativity in a strategy, in an insight, or in an execution, a brand’s message could be just another skippable ad. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh and Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr

To make people believe in a product, in a concept, or in any message, it has to be delivered with creativity and the most creative campaigns are those that are able to balance clarity of message and cleverness of execution.

Gustavo is responsible for a lot of iconic marketing campaigns that have served as backbones and standards for quality marketing campaigns. He has set an example for what high quality marketing campaigns are for future individuals venturing in marketing and industry.

Gustavo Martinez also puts great importance in the synergy of his team and its members. Gustavo makes sure that he takes into account every single contribution of his team members to the marketing campaign.

He sees it as an advantage when there are a lot of minds and perspectives that are involved in the process of forging a marketing campaign. He treasures every single artistic output of his team members and Gustavo makes sure to finely edit the ideas for the marketing campaign to be cohesive.

Gustavo also gives grave importance to recognizing the efforts and works of his team members. He makes sure to give credit where credit is due and to provide positive reinforcement where it is needed. Gustavo makes sure that he creates a healthy working environment for his team members.

He understands that creative people need a space where they can breathe and work freely, whilst instilling a solid work structure so they are guided and they are working on the same page.

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