Information On Dr. Saad Saad

He is a pediatric surgeon and known as Dr. Saad Saad who worked as a medical doctor. He schooled at Cairo University and it was 47 years ago when he was awarded his medical degree from the university. He was among the children from the poor background, so he had to put an effort in the medical class and during graduation time, he was among the best performing student and ranked second. He was raised in Kuwait country despite being born in Palestine and they were eight children from their home.


After completing his degree in Cairo University, he went to England for his internship. After he finished his internship in England, he migrated 45 years ago to live in the United States. Back in the United States, he undertook residency surgery together with the pediatric surgery. The United States Board-certified Dr. Saad Saad with pediatric surgery. During his career as a surgeon at K Hovnanian children hospital, he has ever served as the chief surgeon & co-medical director. He was very productive when it came to treating the patients from the inside and outside of the community he is. He has been considered in making improvements and new surgical techniques where it becomes a patients benefit as a way of reducing pain and increasing efficiency.


In the last 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to perform many complex to simple pediatric surgeries in all the ages of the children. He has also been involved in several medical missions where he could go and perform the complex surgeries, especially to the children from the poor families while he was still living in Eaton, New Jersey. He has achieved two inventions that have enabled him to come up with new developments of procedural pediatric surgery.


There came a better job offer which required a pediatric doctor to go to Saudi Arabia to work for the Royal family. He was very lucky to get the chance of going after having the necessary requirements. The first advantage he had was that he fluently spoke English and Arabic language. In addition, he was the only pediatrician surgeon that had been certified by the board of surgeries in the United States. So that you can get the certification of surgery by the board, you will require to have an experience of 10 years and a continued practice of surgeries, then have a special training and lastly pass a rigorous exam. He couldn’t lose the golden opportunity and took it where he served for four years and a half.


When Dr. Saad Saad went for retirement, he settled at Red Bank. What he hopes for is that everyone can succeed because he was just a poor Palestine but was capable of achieving success in the United States. It is a chance that can fall on anyone. He is now connected to people all over the country and world just because he had a chance to work for Saudi Royal family. He has four children in his 42 years of marriage. Learn more: