James Dondero: Argentina’s Financial Recovery

When you have countries that are dealing with financial crises sometimes it can stem from the leaders’ overbearing views and corruption. This is why Latin America is struggling. However, inside of Latin America is Argentina. They are being ruled by a president who went about making changes and put the country on the map as a global market entity for investing.

James Dondero wanted to make sure they stayed that way in spite of what the rest of Latin America was doing and sent teams there. Mauro Staltari on of Highland Capital’s analysts believes that was a smart move. Argentina is full of people who believe in educating themselves and that means they contribute to their economic growth. Having two teams down there helps to keep the country on track to becoming the competitive entity they had hoped to be. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

President Macri made some very serious changes that contributed to the success of his country. First, he raised the tariffs and then got rid of policies that were stifling economic growth. After making these changes, things turned for the better. Argentina is now having economic stability because of it. Having the teams from Highland Capital does help as well. They can invest in Argentina so that it will have a strong economy and keep its popularity of business stance growing. The President’s ideas worked and it is in sync with the investment Highland Capital wants to make. Visit highlandfunds.com to know more about James Dondero.

Dondero does a good job at spotting wise investments. That is why Highland Capital is prosperous today. He looks out to not only help his country but others so they can have a rich economy. There is nothing wrong with lending a hand in that aspect of it. It should not surprise anyone if another country ends up on his radar.

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