Kevin Seawright Expands Affordable Housing in Baltimore

As reported by Morningstar, Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions LLC, just announced that Baltimore’s Belvedere Square will be home to another first time home buyer. The goal of RPS Solutions LLC is to increase the rate of home ownership in Baltimore City and the neighboring counties so that the rate of home ownership in the city eventually outpaces the state-wide rate. Under the vision and leadership of Seawright, RPS Solutions LLC connects potential first-time home buyers in Baltimore with mortgage lenders and accountants so that home ownership can be a financial reality for these individuals. RPS Solutions LLC also works to construct and renovate homes so that potential home buyers have more realistic housing options to break into the home ownership sphere.

According to Twitter, Seawright has been instrumental in facilitating the relationships between RPS Solutions LLC, individual home buyers, mortgage lenders and construction teams. He relies heavily on his real estate development background and experience to select the ideal projects and homeowner candidates. Seawright also has a background in accounting and project management, which makes him as well-rounded as possible to take on this monumental goal. In addition, Seawright is experienced in local government affairs, which has been invaluable in helping to navigate some of the more massive housing projects he has undertaken. He has been the vision behind RPS Solutions LLC since it was established in 2015 and continues to work tirelessly in support of its mission to increase home ownership rates in Baltimore.

The driving force behind Seawright’s desire to expand home ownership through RPS Solutions LLC is his understanding of the many benefits of owning affordable housing in the city. Seawright knows that home ownership is associated with more stable communities and safer neighborhoods. It is his hope that all individuals in the city who aspire to become home owners have that opportunity to succeed. When residents become homeowners, they become more invested in the long term future of their communities and take initiatives to ensure that their neighborhoods are vibrant and safe. This collective effort towards a more viable future is what motivates Seawright to keep exploring innovative and unique opportunities to increase the number of affordable housing options in the city. Seawright is intimately involved in the inner workings of RPS Solutions LLC and prefers an active approach in leading his successful company. He constantly seeks out opportunities to renovate or add on to underdeveloped housing units in the city as well as possibilities for new, affordable construction.

Seawright has never faced a challenge that has scared him away, which his resume makes clear. Through his professional endeavors, Seawright finds new and creative ways to solve problems through critical thinking and reaching out to his extensive support network in the community.

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