Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Demonstrates the Reasons for Success

In 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established as a local title company, serving the local business area for document and title needs. Since that time, the Palm Harbor, Florida company has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world in its field. The fantastic growth can be credited to the scope of the company’s ability to provide very vast document retrieval with great accuracy all of the time.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.98% and a reject rate of only .079%, which means that nearly 100% of the time everything is correct and on time. These are two very important measurements in the title and document business because it means that Nationwide can be counted on to deliver. This is why eight out of ten major retail title companies and mortgage bankers choose Nationwide as their primary source for documents.


When you have a full weekly schedule of closings, a title company needs the documents well before a scheduled appointment so they can be verified as accurate. It is easy to see the mayhem that could result if documents were late or inaccurate.


A big factor in the success of Nationwide is the caliber of employees hired by the company and the training that is ongoing once they are hired. Nationwide looks for talent in areas where success for an employee can be predicted. Once on board, the employee receives a very intensive training regimen so the best performance can be ensured. Even then there are over 150 advance educational modules that employees can take advantage of. These are voluntary, but they do have a lot to do with employee advancement to supervisory and managerial positions in the company.


Nationwide is also a good place to work, as the pay and benefits are good, and the work environment is such that there is a great spirit of cooperation. When company objectives are set, everyone can take part, and everyone gets the credit, which makes for a very cohesive and pleasant atmosphere. In five of the past six years, Nationwide has been voted to be in the top 100 best places to work, as noted by the Tampa Bay Times.


Jim O’Connell, COO said that the training employees receive is the key to the company’s phenomenal success. Everyone is trained appropriately, whether they are brand new, or even if they have had a lifetime of experience in the mortgage industry. When everyone is on the same page, good things are bound to happen.