Overview of Hedge Fund Assets Released By Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s industry overview on hedge funds just saw its fourth edition not too long ago. Contained within it is the performance for the financial year of 2015. Overall, 2015 did not turn out to be a good year for many firms in the hedge fund business. Madison Street Capital has released its predictions for the 2016 hedge fund M&A on hedgeweek.

Based upon the hedge fund overview published by Madison Street Capital, the firm announced closing deals on 42 hedge funds over the course of 2015, which is up from the 32 deals the company was able to close the previous year. Overall, performance lacked across most hedge strategies throughout the year, but transaction volume increased by roughly 27 percent. Despite this, late in 2015, there was a large boost of transactions that pushed hedge fund to an all time high. Because of this, hedge fund transactions for 2016 could break old records. The staff at Madison Capital believe they were able to identify and organize important drivers for deal progress in the future.

Even though market operations were down throughout 2015, reports have shown that assets among hedge funds are holding steady at an all time high in 2016. The number of investors from different associations has continued to increase as the need for new asset strategies grows in expectation of greater returns. The hedge fund markets have become a difficult place, especially for small companies, considering the heavy pressure on cheaper fees and higher operational costs for businesses.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company that does business internationally with locations in North America, Asia and Africa. Based in the United States, Madison Capital’s headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, where they provide top-notch financial advisement, along with financial restructuring, merger and acquisition advice, valuation services, and capital opinions.

The team of professionals at Madison Street Capital have a great deal of expertise and experience within the industry. They are able to build strong relationships that last with their clients because of their level of dedication and experience. The management at Madison Capital understand that each and every scenario requires careful and proper analysis as they are all different. As with all recommendations, Madison Street Capital gives the clients honest information and the steps needed to reach their goals.

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