Kevin Seawright Expands Affordable Housing in Baltimore

As reported by Morningstar, Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions LLC, just announced that Baltimore’s Belvedere Square will be home to another first time home buyer. The goal of RPS Solutions LLC is to increase the rate of home ownership in Baltimore City and the neighboring counties so that the rate of home ownership in the city eventually outpaces the state-wide rate. Under the vision and leadership of Seawright, RPS Solutions LLC connects potential first-time home buyers in Baltimore with mortgage lenders and accountants so that home ownership can be a financial reality for these individuals. RPS Solutions LLC also works to construct and renovate homes so that potential home buyers have more realistic housing options to break into the home ownership sphere.

According to Twitter, Seawright has been instrumental in facilitating the relationships between RPS Solutions LLC, individual home buyers, mortgage lenders and construction teams. He relies heavily on his real estate development background and experience to select the ideal projects and homeowner candidates. Seawright also has a background in accounting and project management, which makes him as well-rounded as possible to take on this monumental goal. In addition, Seawright is experienced in local government affairs, which has been invaluable in helping to navigate some of the more massive housing projects he has undertaken. He has been the vision behind RPS Solutions LLC since it was established in 2015 and continues to work tirelessly in support of its mission to increase home ownership rates in Baltimore.

The driving force behind Seawright’s desire to expand home ownership through RPS Solutions LLC is his understanding of the many benefits of owning affordable housing in the city. Seawright knows that home ownership is associated with more stable communities and safer neighborhoods. It is his hope that all individuals in the city who aspire to become home owners have that opportunity to succeed. When residents become homeowners, they become more invested in the long term future of their communities and take initiatives to ensure that their neighborhoods are vibrant and safe. This collective effort towards a more viable future is what motivates Seawright to keep exploring innovative and unique opportunities to increase the number of affordable housing options in the city. Seawright is intimately involved in the inner workings of RPS Solutions LLC and prefers an active approach in leading his successful company. He constantly seeks out opportunities to renovate or add on to underdeveloped housing units in the city as well as possibilities for new, affordable construction.

Seawright has never faced a challenge that has scared him away, which his resume makes clear. Through his professional endeavors, Seawright finds new and creative ways to solve problems through critical thinking and reaching out to his extensive support network in the community.

Bob Reina: The key to our future


People need to know about the leaders that direct the current decade. Without knowledge of who it is that is driving our future’s it’s easy to become flustered, confused, and lose our sense of direction. An individual that everyone absolutely must know of, is Bob Reina. Bob Reina is an innovator and entrepreneur. He’s the founder of an industry leading marketing solution, Talk Fusion. He’s building the next billion dollar brand and has already shaped it into one of the top video marketing solutions available. Unlike conventional marketing, Talk Fusion offers an entirely new and extremely effective method of driving customers and building relationships for small business to a fortune 500 company. Talk Fusion is proving self proclaimed experts incorrect by effectively re-imagining email marketing. Email marketing is not dead, especially not with Talk Fusion’s impressive video methods. They have created a practical strategy that has changed the conventional methods of driving customers to one’s own business. What makes Talk Fusion stand out, besides their desired CEO, is the rock solid compensation plan for all associates who assist in directing sales. The compensation plan has helped thousands develop impenetrable residual income.

Talk Fusion has showed their appreciation to Bob countless times before for his outstanding work as CEO. Recently on Bob’s birthday the VP of Training and Development launched and spurred a mass of video birthday wishes for Bob from thousands of associates involved with Talk Fusion around the world. His dedication and commitment was proved at that time, when associates traveled great distances to personally thank Bob and wish him another successful year alive as the one of the worlds leading factors of improvement.

Since the beginning he has made it clear of his intentions to assist in the abuse of animals. He has been actively involved personally with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Talk Fusion has followed suit. Bob Reina is a key to future of human involvement in inhumane treatment of animals, without him thousands of animals would be cruelly abused and left homeless. Consistently proving his entrepreneurial spirit and human heart, Bob Reina’s favorite phrase is “Bring us your dreams and we’ll help you do the rest!”

Brad Reifler Has Advice for Middle Class Investors

Putting money into a certificate of deposit or a money market account is not a bad idea. The interest is low, but such is the tradeoff for seeking a low-risk investment. There are other ways of investing money, but people new to investing their funds may not be familiar with them. Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital wants to help those people out. A financial expert, Reifler has been very public about discussing steps newbie investors should take.

The advice Reifler presents is based on simple common sense. He discusses steps that are perfect for someone hoping to avoid common mistakes. The strategies are equally helpful to those interested in avoiding risk and volatility.

Reifler stresses that putting money into safe vehicles is the best way to preserve it. Diversification is a key point in this process. Putting 100% of one’s investment capital in the stock market undermines the concept of having a diverse investment portfolio.

Before putting any money into the market or any investment vehicle, Reifler suggests on Twitter figuring out all specific goals. Defining investment goals does help lead someone to the right vehicles or even the right assistance.

Seeking assistance from brokers or fund managers can be a wise move, but be sure to look into the background and reputation of such professionals. working with the wrong manager or broker could prove disastrous.

Brad Reifler has made a career out of coming up with smart decisions in the financial world. Reifler is not new to finance and investing. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His early forays date back to 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation. He did so not long after graduating Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and political science.

The ensuring several decades reflect Reifler’s consistent success in the world of business and finance. Before his achievements with Forefront Capital, Reifler was enormously successful with another company named Pali Capital.

Reifler positively does want people who fall into the “99%” category to succeed. The “99%” comprise the great middle class.  Reifler wants people with less than a net worth of $1 million to know there is a lot they can do with their money. Hopefully, many will take his advice and start looking into reputable investment vehicles.  Follow along on Reifler’s website, as he seeks to help the world.

Why Is Investing With Martin Lustgarten Easier Than Going It Alone?

Martin Lustgarten is an international banker who helps people make their dreams come true when they are trying to build up a nest egg, and it is important for people to go ask Martin Lustgarten what he can do for them. He is not a broker, but he is an investment adviser who is going to help people who are trying to think of the best thing to do with their money. He is an international citizen, and he knows how all the countries around the world work when people invest there.


The first thing that Martin Lustgarten wants to know is what people’s goals are. He is going to ask his clients how they want to use their money when it is flowing in, and he is going to show everyone what their best case scenario is going to be. This is going to be much easier for people who do not know what to do, and they can just ask for the advice so that they can get going on what it means to invest internationally.


The next thing that people need to do is to make sure that they are investing in countries that match their needs. Martin Lustgarten knows what people should do when they have a specific goal, and they are going to be able to save a lot of money because they are going to send their money to the right places at the right times. Martin Lustgarten also helps people move their money around when it is necessary.


There are a lot of people who can work with Martin Lustgarten to learn about investment, and they are going to learn what to do by asking him for help He shows people how to increase their net worth, and he helps them move their money to that end. Martin Lustgarten is an expert who understands how to maximize a small cash investment for everyone. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2

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Instagram: @mlustgarten


A New Perspective of Charles Koch

Though becoming powerful is not easy, it can be expected by the best of the best who have superior knowledge. One individual in particular is the co-owner of a multi-billion dollar company that has put him several times on Forbes’ list of wealthy individuals. This man is Charles Koch and he is the proud owner of Koch Industries. This business has made headlines for finding efficient and least damaging ways in order to refine oil products in order to turn them into first order usable products. Koch Industries is responsible for developing products that are used to make many different popular goods.

Charles Koch is not only a proud business owner, but he is also heavily involved in politics. His belief in politics is more so Republican as he believes in the Libertarian cause. Charles Koch is very much a supporter of Adam Smith when he states that the invisible hand is not in need of government assistance to control the free market. Charles Koch is a firm believer that though the government should be present, the government should not intervene through subsidies, price controls, and through other forms of controlling the market. Mr. Koch states that this does more harm than good as it eliminates the efficiency of what the free market it.

In recent news, Koch sat down to a rare interview in order to disclose how he proceeds through his life. Mr. Koch states that though he is successful, he tries to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Koch is also the proud author of his book, “Good Profit” which gives a full glimpse of his life of business.  Charles Koch specifically wants reads to see why he does what he does.

The Koch Brothers admittedly never started out poor as they inherited the family company. Though they never started out poor, Charles and his brother always had high expectations of them that, if failed, would never be lived down. This small glimpse into why they do what they do will be a new way to look at the Koch brothers especially through the eyes of anti-Libertarians.

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John Goullet Leads at Diversant

Diversant is proud to be the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the United States. Diversant offers a wide collection of services for all aspects of IT staffing. These services include IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire. As a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, Diversant is a firm capable of producing the best solutions possible involving IT staffing and diversity.

As a successful entrepreneur, Goullet has lead the charge in numerous successful ventures in the IT world. Goullet began his professional experience in the IT sector as an IT consultant. In 1994, he switched his focus to IT staffing. Goullet’s years of experience in the IT world provide him with a solid understanding of market trends. Tapping into his real world IT experience, Goullet founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies became a $30 million company that served Fortune 500 companies throughout the nation within 5 years.

John Goullet oversaw the transition of Info Technologies into Diversant LLC as it merged with with Diversant in 2010. Leading Diversant LLC as the firm’s principal, Goullet ardently utilizes his talents to bring solutions to a rapidly evolving IT marketplace. Goullet considers it a privilege to have worked in the IT world for so long, and he passionately believes bringing diversity into the world of IT can help put a company onto the path of success.

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The Greyhound Diaries: Tale Of An American Journeyman

It takes a special kind of fortitude to follow a dream. You can see it in some, in their eyes. It’s the same resilience that comes from necessity and desperation. To ride a Greyhound bus for over 100,000 miles over the course of ten years requires that same fortitude, some from passion and some, perhaps, from desperation.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C., the son of politicians. He studied under legendary astrophysicist Carl Sagan at Cornell before landing a highly successful career as a foreign correspondent for the likes of ABC, NBC, and a variety of others. At the time, Levitt was based in London, and was dispatched all over the world, to places as remote and widespread as Rwanda, Iran, and Botswana.

Perhaps it was this nomadic existence that inspired his career switch in 2001 to a Nashville songwriter. Levitt boarded a Greyhound bus sometime in 2005 and hasn’t looked back, embarking on what is now known as the Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has logged thousands of miles, and has documented his journey in thousands of photographs, in addition to songs and writing.

He’s performed around the country, in venues as ranging from The Kennedy Center to homeless shelters. Levitt has compared his mission to that of the WPA artists of the depression. He documents the people of America, as they are, in all of the forms they take.

Doug Levitt has logged and archived an incredible journey, and he shows no signs of stopping. Inspirational in his acts, and also his output, Levitt is the kind of special that requires no embellishment, a classic American journeyman.

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Keith Mann Announces New Scholarship for High School Seniors

Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, is pleased to announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Development.  The charter organization and Mann have teamed up to provide this financial award to students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend a four-year college. Joe Frick, one of the college counselors for Uncommon Schools, confirmed that he and the staff were very grateful for Mann’s financial award and his commitment to education.

Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship have to submit a 1,000-word essay. In the essay, students have to detail the ways that a college degree will help them to achieve their professional goals. The application process for the scholarship started on February 29, 2016, and the winner of the scholarship was announced in March. One graduating senior will receive the scholarship each year. The scholarship iw worth $5,000, and will be applied toward the cost of the student’s college tuition. Keith Mann is a proponent of education and a philanthropist, and knows the importance of education when it comes to professional advancement.

Keith Mann has been in the staffing and hiring fields and has assisted with hedge fund compensation for more than 15 years. Dynamics Search Partners serves more than 200 clients on a yearly basis, including those in Asia, the United States and Europe.

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As Argentina Reemerges

The year 2001 saw a slump period in the Argentinian economy. The problem was debt which seems to be a pattern among modern nations. The country held tightly to a default had of roughly $95 billion: the largest ever recorded.

Here’s where the Argentina government begins to turn the tables. It’s now the year 2016. The financial industry turns its eyes toward the country and its breaking news. The government announces its solution to surmounting debt.

It will manage it by issuing bonds to the public and under New York state law. The country expected to see the purchase of nearly $12 billion by last month in April 2016 alone. This return to the international markets come as bonds that will mature in five, 10 and 15 year policies.

The agenda is President Mauricio Marci’s who’s undergoing a swift maneuver for stabilizing his economy. That economy was hurt badly during Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s tenure in office. These events took Argentina out of the world market during 2001.

The largest financier pursuing the investment option is none other than James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management LP. The asset management firm announces it picking up a significant amount of bonds released by Argentina. The firm now manages $19 billion worldwide and has the resources to make its stake secure.

There is no shortage of cash in Highland Capital’s hands. But we don’t know how much its stake will be. It’s obvious that James Dondero is confident of the new venture by Argentinian President Mauricio Marci.

In fact, James is very optimistic.

The firm got its start as Highland Capital Management LP in the year 1993. Dondero co-founded the organization and now operates as President. He had already purchased Argentinian bonds back in 2014. An investment that shows better returns for the firm’s portfolio than did its energy sector holdings.

Highland saw a 20 percent return from those Argentinian bonds. When the competitive average was 3.3.

The forward drive by Dondero is apparent.

The Highland group sees this a great opportunity, and one not to fail. But as a distressed investor, Capital Management is not the only one prepared to exploit the release of more Argentinian bonds.

A big shift is surely underway worldwide.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: Technological and Business Leader Extraordinaire


Shaygan Kheradpir is an accomplished Iranian-American businessman who has had a successful career heading some of the biggest conglomerates in the fields of Finance and Technology. The electrical engineer, with a Cornell University PhD in the field, is Coriant’s current CEO. He has headed the Naperville, Illinois, based company since 2014. He formerly served on boards like YMCA (New York) and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Born in London in 1960, Shaygan grew up in Iran after his father moved the family back to his home country. However, in order to attend college, Shaygan moved to the United States of America and enrolled at Cornell University in New York. He studied electrical engineering. Today, he holds US citizenship.

After college, Shaygan joined GTE in the year 1987. He joined as an engineer and began work on the firm’s network routing systems. He eventually got a control and management job and headed software systems and eventually developed a national platform for network management. He subsequently got promoted until he became the CIO of the firm. In 2000, after a merger between Bell Atlantic and GTE, he became Verizon’s president of the newly formed e-business division.

Kheradpir joined Barclays as COO in 2011. He joined the global banking conglomerate at its head offices in London, UK. He was later promoted to the CTO position. In 2014, he joined Verizon but left in the same year to join Merlin Equity Partners and later Coriant as CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant and the company’s board chair. He is a recognized leader in the fields of business and technology with a long career spanning over 28 years. His experience spans across fields like technology, financial services and telecommunications. He has held several top jobs in some of the biggest companies in their respective industries like Barclays (financial industry) and Coriant (technological and networking giant).

Shaygan was born in London, UK, but grew up in Iran.  He attended and acquired all his academic accolades from Cornell University. He studied electrical engineering and has a bachelor’s degree, a masters and a doctorate degree in the field. He currently sits on the National Institute of Standards and Technology board, chairs the board of Coriant and is a current member of Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

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