Capital Group’s New Chairman Has Many Years Of Experience

The world of investing can be highly confusing. Many people today know that they must be prepared to enter this world in order to help maximize their earnings. This is why so many people turn to investment professionals for advice. They know that they can count on people who know about investments in order to help them discover how they can earn large returns that will help them see their capital grow. People today need to have professionals at their side like Timothy Armour. As an investment adviser, he gives them the help they need to learn about complex world capital markets.

Many Years Of Experience

Tim Armour knows the capital markets and knows them well. He has been working in this field for over thirty years. At present, Tim Armour is the chairman of Capital Group Companies, one of the nation’s most respected investment companies. He is also the chairman and the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. This company is part of the Capital Group. He began his storied career when he chose to go into the field of equity investment analyst at Capital and become a participants in their highly respected Associates program.

During this time, he worked hard to cover global telecommunications issues and show investors how it would impact their lives to their benefit. His own educational background includes a bachelor’s degree that he earned in economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. He lives in Los Angeles, where he keeps a close eye on the capital markets both in the United States and in other parts of the world.

Appointed To His Present Position

Amour was appointed to his present position under sad circumstances. The previous chairman of the board passed away. His colleagues were saddened to learn of the loss of their admired leader, Jim Rothenberg. Armour stepped forward to assume a leadership role in the company and take it into new markets. He was elected chairman by those who many people who work for the company and know that he can provide the skills they really need to help it offer skilled investment advice that people need today. In taking over from Rothenberg, he hopes to help company officials figure out how to continue to reach out to existing clients and expand into entirely new markets as well. He knows he can led the company’s many workers truly forward today.

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Arguments from George Soros Regarding Ukraine and the European Union

According to author and investor, George Soros the European government is experiencing five crises because of its currency structural defects. He has almost 64 years of expertise and experience studying the trends of international economies, investment strategies, and governments policies. Mr. George Soros is featured on national media and online publications providing economic predictions, giving interviews, and promoting open society & immigration reforms. His focus was primarily on Ukraine’s economic crisis and Russian aggression against the country during 2015. Europe’s internal crises, including euro, Greece, Britain possible separation from EU, and migration continued through 2016, and Britain eventually left the European Union.

George Soros raises significant arguments, including the Ukrainian government deserving top priority and dividing the European Union into creditor and debtor countries. He said in his article published in the New York Review that Europe may turn new Ukraine into the old country. Currently, the Ukrainian government is reforming its economy to serve the people rather than political private gain. Soros believes his arguments are valid because of his expertise of the new Ukraine and his ties to the country. In October of last year, he offered his winning strategy of creating an effective financial assistance, which combines large budgetary support with incentives, such as affordable political risk insurance.

George Soros Ukraine wrote in The Wall Street Journal in August 2015 that Russian aggression affected the Ukraine’s economy and caused the country to be unable to sustain its debt. He’s confident the country deserves debt relief in the midst of struggling to negotiate its debt with creditors. In order for Ukraine to receive additional financial support, the International Monetary Fund required the country’s government to make arrangements to settle its debt with lenders. When sovereign borrowers default on debts, most bondholders are likely to threaten the possibility of blocking further investments in defaulted countries. Soros explained that sovereign defaults are expensive and have long-term effects when creditors prolong debt relief agreements.

It happened in Latin America in the 1980’s and in Greece in 2015. In most cases, a country who reaches an agreement with its lender are able to reenter the global markets within two years. Soros explanation is defaults originate from economic problems, which has nothing to do with a country remaining out of the markets. The Ukraine government is hopeful for a debt relief plan similar to the 1989 Brady Plan, which required banks to accept debt relief. The plan was formed by Nicholas Brady, former Treasury of the United States as reasonable reforms for countries in Latin America.

George Soros said the Ukrainian government is fighting for structured reforms to remove corruption, encourage agriculture, and transform the banking system. Although, bondholders of Ukraine’s debt may reject debt relief, the truth is it’s the only option. Even Soros admits he’s a sovereign bondholder and hates losing on his investments. He believes his strategy for the country would benefit the EU and turn the new Ukraine reforms into attractive investment opportunities.

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Finding Quality Real Estate Companies in Brazil

There are a number of real estate companies, both in development and sales, throughout all of Brazil. With quality developers such as Coelho da Fonseca and Grupo Lar there is much to be found by seekers of new development all through the nation. There are also additional locations to search for real estate sales and investments and international developers, American and others, who develop within Brazil. Some online companies can be found including that develops in the Natal region of northern Brazil. There is also The Overseas Property, LLC, which is an American company working primarily on properties in northeast Brazil.

Then, we must take a look at the quality work of Construcap and their amazing construction capabilities throughout Brazil. Among the top ten construction and development companies in the land of Brazil, there is much to be seen in the properties created by Construcap teams and how well they can keep up with the times. With the ability to both construct and manage buildings as well as highways, railways, airways, ports, infrastructure, commercial and industrial edifications, this company offers a number of efficient and effective services to individuals, families and businesses across the country.

Following along with the technological advancements and other innovations of the 21st century, all of these properties are able to maintain status with the latest updated construction and management standards. Constructing and managing buildings, the latest and greatest ISO and OHSAS standards are maintained within all of the properties developed by Construcap. With all of the additional Integrated Management System (SIG) locations built by this developer there is much to be respected for the quality of their work.

Norka Martinez Luque and Her Message to Aspiring Musicians

Becoming an internationally recognized musician is not easy. Many young artists have tried developing a career in the music industry but have failed miserably. Norka Luque is a successful pop star has a message for all the aspiring musicians.


Find a mentor

Budding artists usually struggle to get their music heard by new fans and professionals in the music industry. Finding a good mentor can be very beneficial to you as a budding musician. A mentor will teach you everything you need to know in about the music industry and point you in the right career direction. In the case of Norka Luque, she relied on the reputable music producer Emilio Estefan during the early stages of her career.


Get a degree

The first path to becoming a successful music artist is getting a degree. A professional singer will tell you that school is not just about academic education. Through school, you get to meet people who care about the same thing you do. Ms. Martinez graduated from high school and moved to France to further her studies. After four years at a business school, she graduated with a degree in business administration. During her school life, she interacted with different individuals who helped shape her career as a solo artist.


It was during her school life that she met with the rock band, Bad Moon Rising. Her role in this band prepared her for her present career as a solo artist.


Join a band

The power of joining a band can’t be overstated. Many successful artists will tell you that this is one of the easiest ways through which one can break into the music industry. In the case of Norka Martinez Luque, she joined a band (Bad Moon Rising). This band enabled her to meet professionals in the European music industry. She used the advice she got from these professionals to launch her career as a pop artist.


About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She attended preschool and high school in this city. As a child, her parents sent her to an arts school where she learned how to play musical instruments such as piano. Additionally, she took dance and singing lessons.

This beautiful singer has a degree in business administration that she acquired from a French business school. She also has extension courses in marketing, culinary arts, and fashion.

Find her on social media to learn more about her life in the music industry.


The Amazing and Continued Success of Eric Lefkofsky

When you read about incredible start-ups, you are bound to hear the name Groupon. This company skyrocketed to success in a very short period of time. Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of this start-up, turned himself into a household name in the world of entrepreneurship due to the massive success of this business. With nearly a 2 billion dollar net worth, Lefkofsky is one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world. His net worth continues to grow with his role as a pivotal venture capitalist. The future looks very bright for Lefkofsky as he continues to be hailed as a leader in the world of business.

The tech industry wouldn’t be the same without Lefkofsky. However, the rise to success wasn’t as glamorous as many would think. Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial endeavors by selling carpet during his college years. Once Lefkofsky graduated from law school, he decided that he would like to buy an apparel company instead of practicing law. Brandon Apparel gave Eric Lefkosfsky the capital he would need to succeed in his tech startups.

Starbelly was the first online endeavor in which Lefkosfsky found success. This online business focused mainly on promotional products. Starbelly was a part of the dot com boom which helped many online businesses to see massive growth in a short period of time. Due to this massive growth, Starbelly was purchased by Halo only a short period of time later.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky really showed his impact in the world of digital media and technology when he started MediaBank. This company helped advertising buyers with the software they need to succeed in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace.

The Point was when Lefkofsky was ready to make history. We all known The Point as what it is called today, Groupon. In early stages of funding, Groupon raised $30 million in funding. Just one year later, another $135 million dollars of funding was secured for this rapidly growing company. That same year, Groupon was valued at $1.35 billion, making it the fastest growing company in history.

Lefkofksy has used his success to give back to the community. The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped to contribute to over 50 charitable organizations. Lefkosfsky has been very heavily involved with charitable giving in the Chicago area. Lefkofsky has recently stated, “We recognize that perhaps our greatest accomplishment, with the exception of the kids we raise,will not come from businesses we’ve started but from the help we provide to people and causes around the world.”

When we look at someone like Donald Trump who has used his billions to turn himself into a massive celebrity who became president, it is refreshing to see the contrast in someone like Lefkofky who has similar amounts of money. If it were his desire, Lefkofsky could use his billions to become one of the biggest celebrities in the world. However, when you take a look at his social media presence, you can see that Lefkofsky isn’t too concerned with showing off his wealth or accomplishments. Lefkowsky only has just over 6,000 Twitter followers. He does not even have an Instagram page or Facebook page, either. It is very nice to see a softspoken and generous billioinare in the world when we are faced with so many in this world who are much more flamboyant regarding their riches.

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The Advancing Works of Boraie

Omar Boraie has done so much for the development of the New Brunswick, New Jersey area. He has spent the last four decades lifting it from the sad, desolate state he found it in in 1972. His arm has been the strongest in real estate. However, he has had a tremendous hand in other areas, most notably medicine. The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has instituted the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, named in honor of Boraie who is sponsoring the prestigious academic position. He has made has made a $1.5 million dollar pledge which is being matched by an anonymous donor.

Genomic Science is a leading part of modern medical research because it is recognized that it will be revolutionizing medicine in the future. It is both a top cancer research facility and a top cancer medicine education institution on The science looks to the genetic analyzation and treatment of tumors, allowing physicians to prescribe individual treatments and therapies based on each unique case. It is a position that is key to discovering a cure for cancer and other major diseases. It is viewed as so important an area of study, in fact, that there are already several cancer centers throughout the country already involved in in Genomic Science on However, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is considered a leader among them and has so far been the only one able to apply genomic sequencing to cancer patient care.

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The institute’s research was instrumental in the discovery that cancer was not just one disease, but rather a whole bunch of diseases. Knowing this, doctors everywhere that each case is unique and a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all treatment for all cancer cases is not appropriate. The Institute is in the process of developing ever stronger treatments for forms of cancer that have been considered too far advanced to treat. Omar Boraie says that he has invested so much in this chair at RCI because he believes so highly in it.

This is far from being Boraie’s first medical-related investment. He has done a vast amount to further health research and development for years. Robert DiPaola, director of RCI, is convinced that Boraie’s financial support will revolutionize medicine in the very near future. If you would like to take part in financially supporting this historic effort you can do so by calling 848-932-3637. With his substantial financial support, Boraie is paving the way.

The Windquest Group Owners, Dick & Betsy DeVos Are Also Education Reformers

Dick and Betsy DeVos have given away billions of dollars to organizations around Michigan, and most notably they’ve helped lower income families receive scholarships to private schools. According to Philanthropy Roundtable, education hit close to home with Betsy DeVos due to having sent her children to private schools and seeing how other families struggled to do so. Dick and Betsy started several scholarship programs through their foundation to assist students and private schools, and even worked to try and bring reform laws to pass. The DeVos’s staunchly believe in school of choice and have sponsored many education reform groups throughout the years.


Dick DeVos has spent most of his career as a businessman working for the major direct selling company Amway Corporation, and later starting up The Windquest Group. Amway was co-founded by Dick’s father Richard DeVos, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, longtime friend of former President Gerald R. Ford, and current owner of the NBA franchise Orlando Magic. Dick went to Northwood University where he got his business degree, and first served as vice president at Amway before later taking over as CEO. Amway experienced a lot of growth during Dick’s time as CEO, including generating over $4 billion in sales in his last year alone.


Dick DeVos first started education reform work back in 1990 when he won election to the Michigan State Board of Education. Soon, he and Betsy started scholarship programs, the Great Lakes Education Project, and even sponsored Education Freedom Fund. Later, they even started their own charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, the first of its kind that included aviation courses and mechanics at the Gerald R Ford Airport. In addition to education, Dick and Betsy have donated to museum and art projects, including the Kennedy Center’s art institute which was renamed in honor of their donation.


Dick has sat on the board at Grand Action Committee, an organization that’s helped revitalize areas of Grand Rapids that needed reconstruction. He also ran for governor in the 2006 gubernatorial race against Jennifer Granholm, only to come up just short of victory. He has been an advocate of right-to-work, finally passing legislation that was signed into law in late 2012. He’s the author of Rediscovering American Values, a 1998 book that made the New York Times bestselling list and explained how traditional American values are important to America’s success.

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The Best in Financial Implementations

Finances can be a tricky area of focus for many Americans, and those who are experts in the field are sought after for their skill in developing financial plans on capital loss and gain. In relation to this is David Osio and his company, Davos Real Estate Group. The company focuses on providing real estate opportunities to its clients, who are predominantly Hispanic Americans or individuals from Latin American backgrounds. This can often times be difficult to do, especially when it comes to developing a better sense of what returns the company can expect on real estate sales in the market. Luckily for Osio there has been a new development in how returns are calculated, making financial decisions much more easier to work around and implement.

David Osio is a Latin American man who started his career as a law student in college and has since transferred his expertise to the business world. He offers a variety of different individuals financial and real estate advice, and since 1993 has been providing a diverse American population with resources to make accurate and reliable real estate decisions. In his quest to give the highest level of advice to his clients Osio maintains constant and consistent in his relationships with domestic and international banks; always keeping up with the latest in how business is performed and remaining competently educated in current global operations.

Osio is a perfect bridge between the United States and Latin America. Having been born and raised in Venezuela, he has a unique perspective on the business world which he brings to the table each quarter from his headquarters in Miami, Florida. His rich cultural heritage makes him an advocate for international relations, a fact that divides him from the others in his industrial field.

The new calculation program that Osio and Davos Real Estate Group has developed is good news for the business world and even better news for Davos and their finances. As was mentioned already the financial areas within a business are often times the most difficult to keep track of and move forward with. This new development means the difference between gain and loss and is an excellent advancement for the corporation to take advantage of for the foreseeable future of business development and trade. What this means for Davos Real Estate and its partners, time will only tell, but positive progression is in sight.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio1

Madison Street Capital Looking to Win Multiple Awards

For more than a decade, one of the leading firms in the investment banking, finance, and mergers and acquisitions industry has been Madison Street Capital. The company has provided its institutional clients with a wide variety of services, which have allowed them to become larger and more profitable organizations, ultimately improving shareholder value. While most people in the industry were already aware of Madison Street Capital’s reputation, a recent news article from Benziga is pointing out that the company is finally receiving the accolades that it deserves. Read more:

According to the article, the company has been nominated to receive two major awards at the annual M&A Advisor Awards, which are held each year in New York City. The award ceremony typically hands out more than a dozen awards to the top financial firms, investment banks, and advisors in the industry. This year, Madison is up for two of the most prestigious awards.

The first award that they are in line to win is the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award, which is given to the top company in the industry under a certain size. Madison is also up for the Deal of the Year award in the division for deals completed for under $100 million. This award is related to the advisory services that they provided in relation to the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Madison’s client, Dowco.

While it remains to be seen who will win the awards, it appears that Madison is going to be a favorite. This award nomination will likely help to continue to enhance the company’s reputation as one of the leaders of investment banking advisory services. The awards will be finally announced on November 15 at the 15th installment of the annual awards. The company is already in the process of working on transactions that could help it be nominated for similar and additional awards next year.

Where Bernardo Chua Has Been Successful

Coffee is a commodity that continues to be in high demand and has been demanded for hundreds of years. Coffee is popular to customers for not only the bitter taste that is welcomed in the morning, but is also popular for the caffeine that is provided to the customers for those early mornings or for those dragging afternoons.

The coffee business is a competitive business that continues to be pursued by companies that look for a niche of their own in order to sell a new way to drink coffee.

In recent news, a new way to drink coffee has been for the purpose of combining health with the delicious caffeine that is welcomed in the morning.

With this new and popularized way to drink coffee, one company in particular has become an exponentially growing company through the selling of these new products that have been becoming popular among millions of consumers that share a love for coffee.

Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold in a small coffee shop in Canada that has since then grown to become one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in the world.

With a love for coffee, Bernardo has not only grown his company, but has also given new job opportunities to millions of individuals around the world who are either looking for an extra income or who are looking to become their own boss.

Bernardo Chua has the long-term goal of using his products to help educate individuals around the world about the importance of living a healthy life.

The secret to the success of Bernardo Chua and to Organo Gold is the use of a special ingredient that is known as Ganoderma, a Chinese herb that has never before been used for an international product. Bernardo Chua has centered his entire company around Ganoderma and has built coffee, tea, hot chocolate, as well as other commodities around the special herb.

With special properties, Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to not only encourage weight loss, but to also help reduce stress on the body as well as the mind which has led to millions of individuals living happy and focused lives.