Isn’t It Romantic is the newest blockbuster in the film industry. Before even its release, it received a lot of media attention after word came out that Rebel Wilson was being cast as the main character.

Rebel Wilson is skilled at what she does with a charming personality that has gained her a lot of fans. She is funny and talented, a rare combination in the film industry making her the perfect match for the role of Natalie. Isn’t It Romantic is about the journey of Natalie, who is the main character, to finding true love.

Natalie is an Australian who lives in the city of New York working as an architect. Natalie craves for the approval of her bosses, but she is too timid to voice her opinions on matters about her work. She is always buried in her work trying to impress.

Natalie lives in a not so pleasant neighborhood that is inhabited by thugs and drug dealers. As a result, she gets robbed on her way from work and in an attempt to fight off the thief, she gets a concussion to the head. Natalie faints and when she comes to everything has changed to a world of fantasy romance.

Natalie hates the idea of romantic comedies saying that the movies are too surreal to be true. According to her, all that we see in rom-coms is pure fiction and can never happen anywhere in real life. Natalie has to put her hate aside as she finds herself stuck in the middle of romantic fantasy with one of her clients pursuing her.

She is not the only one experiencing changes in her non-existent love life as her best friend, Josh a has also gained interest in a woman.Everything from her workplace to home has changed, and Natalie is finding it hard to cope with things. For things to go back to normal, Natalie has to get Blake to fall in love with her and experience happiness.

Isn’t It Romantic is an exciting film that has incorporated humor to teach about love. The world premiere by Netflix is the only thing left for the film. Rebel Wilson has worked her way to the top from being a small, shy town girl. She is from Sydney where she studied and was raised.

Rebel is an alumnus of the Australian Theater for Young People where she learned all she knows about acting. Rebel came to New York as a result of a scholarship that she won. She used the opportunity to train with various agencies and this molded her to be who she is. Rebel Wilson is a go-getter who is not afraid to claim what she wants. She is an inspiration to many young women through her success.

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