Susan McGalla Stands Up For The Power Of Woman

Growing up in the city of Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla grew up in a very well bounded household. She was the only girl and the rest of her siblings were boys so, as a child, she learned how to stand her grounds as a woman around a group of boys. Her early years are a huge inspiration on her lively hood today. She was taught that nothing is just handed out. Every accomplishment must be earned, and it takes hard work and dedication.

Mrs. McGalla has a very strong work ethic and self-esteem. She works very hard in her career and her accomplishments to represent that. She addresses the challenges that women face when they are trying to climb up the corporate ladder in the workplace when our economy is mostly dominated by men and for some reason places of business prefer to be ran by a man. Higher achievement and upper levels of management opportunities are usually given to men before they are given to women.

Mrs. McGalla has set forth to make it be known that women are just as accomplished as men. Companies are supposed to acknowledge the equal opportunities and discrimination laws; therefore, men should never be favored over men in any work environment. She has been writing articles and frequently speaking to many people. She is on a substantial journey to catapult willing women into extreme levels in the workplace. She knows it is going to take time, but she is keeping her head high and standing up for women everywhere.

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