The American Institute of Architect under Robert Ivy

The American Institutes of Architects sole purpose is creating scientific and practical perfections of its members while lifting the standard of the profession. The organization was founded in 1857 in New York and has its headquarters in Washington. The group offers professional services in community projects, education, government representation, and community development. Before the establishment, there was a problem in recognizing architects since there was no legislation governing architect.

The organization members adhere to the code of conducts that are set to make sure quality services provided. AIA has five levels of membership: Architect members, Associate members, International association members, Emeritus members, and Allied members.

Architect members are authorized to carry out architecture by the licensing body. Associate members are not licensed but work under a licensed architect. For one to be an associate member one, have earned a degree in architecture, member of a university faculty or an intern with credits to be licensed. International associate members must hold a license from a relevant authority outside the United States. Emeritus members must have served the American Institute Of Architects for more than 15 years and above 65 years of age. Allied members are people who receive recognition due to their reputation for building a community or executive members from building-related firms. The most prized honor is the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. The award is set aside for architects who have contributed to the public through Architecture.

American Institute of Architecture works with the federal government to raise the standard of design of the public property and developed housing. The institute offers intern programs and Architecture exams for the young professionals. The organization encourages environmental friendly designs. The designs led them to earn the Associations Advanced America Awards. The agency has also received a long list of awards from their work.

The organization announced Robert Ivy as the chief executive of the group. Robert holds other posts like the editor in chief of the architectural record and the vice president of the editorial director of McGraw hill construction. Robert has been an executive in the organization for more than a decade. Robert is committed to environmental issues affecting the built environment. In his position, he will work towards design and practical problems in the organization. He will voice AIA values of design and the public understanding of the craft. Robert experience and leadership skills will be valued assets in the group. Robert has a bachelor’s of arts from the University of South Tennessee and a second degree from Tulane University Louisiana and joined AIA fellows in 1993.