The Greyhound Diaries: Tale Of An American Journeyman

It takes a special kind of fortitude to follow a dream. You can see it in some, in their eyes. It’s the same resilience that comes from necessity and desperation. To ride a Greyhound bus for over 100,000 miles over the course of ten years requires that same fortitude, some from passion and some, perhaps, from desperation.

Doug Levitt grew up in Washington D.C., the son of politicians. He studied under legendary astrophysicist Carl Sagan at Cornell before landing a highly successful career as a foreign correspondent for the likes of ABC, NBC, and a variety of others. At the time, Levitt was based in London, and was dispatched all over the world, to places as remote and widespread as Rwanda, Iran, and Botswana.

Perhaps it was this nomadic existence that inspired his career switch in 2001 to a Nashville songwriter. Levitt boarded a Greyhound bus sometime in 2005 and hasn’t looked back, embarking on what is now known as the Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has logged thousands of miles, and has documented his journey in thousands of photographs, in addition to songs and writing.

He’s performed around the country, in venues as ranging from The Kennedy Center to homeless shelters. Levitt has compared his mission to that of the WPA artists of the depression. He documents the people of America, as they are, in all of the forms they take.

Doug Levitt has logged and archived an incredible journey, and he shows no signs of stopping. Inspirational in his acts, and also his output, Levitt is the kind of special that requires no embellishment, a classic American journeyman.

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  • Holly Atlas

    April 24, 2017

    He gives a face to the necessity and the desperation, as well as the hope and they joy in all people. The move inspired a now decade long multimedia project. This is definitely going to be what rushanessay service has decided to do and make sure all things work for their good.

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