The new book that will give anyone the chance to make it life written by Nick Vertucci

There is a recent release that Nick Vertucci made, and that is the release of the book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” The book has detailed the personal challenge that Vertucci faced, and they are explained in details, the direction he followed and in real estate the principal that he applied. In the book, he talks about how the principals that he applied helped in the gaining of the financial wealth and the freedom of being an entrepreneur. The core message that he emphasizes in the book is that “striking the richness will not be possible by being safe.”

The background of Nick Vertucci has been one humble one, and the family was of the middle class. Though the family ensured that he had all that he needed, but still to other people they didn’t consider them as wealthy. Things got hard for the family when he lost his father at ten years of age. After the death of their father, the mother had to struggle financially to ensure that they had all that they needed. At the time Vertucci was eighteen of age he was living in his car. For most people that would be faced with such a situation, they would accept defeat and start living an average life. However, for Nick Vertucci, he did not let that stops him as he went ahead to start his company selling computer parts. That’s when he realized that there was so much freedom that was gained while being an entrepreneur, both my use of the time and money. After few years because of his hard work and discipline thing changed for him and he started earning a seven-figure amount.

After years of being successful come the year 2000, Nick Vertucci found himself in a loss after the crash of dot-com industry. All that he had worked for was lost and the only thing that was in his possession at the time was his house. That led to him struggling for 18months and as much as he dug deep to sustain his family he only got deep into debt. Then when a friend invited him to a three days seminar of the real estate. Little did he know that it was the start of something good for his life. That’s how his journey in real estate started, and to date, it has grown to what it is right now.