Wikipedia Information Available Through HERE Maps App

Wikipedia online encyclopedia gives a whole new meaning to the word “encyclopedia” when compared to the thick, heavy set of books that was the major source of information years ago. It now provides up to date information for the wired generation that gives it access to knowledge about people, businesses and organization as well as destinations and locations. Wikipedia even offer its visitors a text to speech features that allows them to listen to articles with more languages becoming available in the future. Now, HERE app hope to give its users the ability to switch from their navigation app to Wikipedia Sights to get information on the go about the location they are visiting. This allows those using the app to easily find the interesting sights, nearby businesses and must visit places and events in the area. HERE already offers a Guide tour and Eat and Drink HERE feature, and with the addition of Wikipedia Sights, users can visit unknown destinations and feel more like a native than a tourist.

For local businesses, brands and well known individuals in the area, Wikipedia has the potential to introduce over 125 million visitors a month to their locale. Wikipedia places its articles in the top five spots in Google search engines listings, which could be a boost for businesses and individuals with Wikipedia pages. There are even more advantages to hiring a Wikipedia expert to write the page, which include the certainty of the page being accepted and meeting the stringent requirements, constant monitoring, free translations to other languages and the page having an unbiased appeal that is considered more trustworthy. Wiki editors have vast experience at writing, editing and researching to give businesses, brands and individuals greater prominence and Wikipedia readers greater knowledge. Wikipedia and its readers are brought together on common ground. HERE app will greatly facilitate the process for those exploring new locales and destinations. Will you be there as well?

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  • Charli Kristopher

    July 22, 2017

    Not only will they make a Wikipedia page improve the visibility of a business, organization or individual, it gives them more authenticity and credibility. It might have also been that the best dissertation writing services do get the result intended for them which might not make sense in the first place.

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